I sold my turntable and focused entirely on digital sources. I believe that both are justified. But reaching high end (whatever that may be) takes a tremendous effort. Therefore my focus on the following path:

- Control PC with Roon (streaming Qobuz or NAS) via LAN
- Audio PC with HQPlayer (conversion PCM to DSD with high-precision EC modulators) via USB
- R2R DAC Denafrips Terminator via XLR
- T + A M10 monos via speaker cable
- Sonus Faber Amati Futura

Room Details

Dimensions: 33’ × 13’  Large
Ceiling: 7’

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    Thanks @joel_hifi 

    I heard different types of connections with a sound engineer:

    A) Only with T + A M10 monos
    B) Only with T + A PA 3000 HV
    C) With T + A PA 3000 HV as preamplifier and T + A M10 monos

    Scenario A) was clearly superior to B) and C). More deep bass, more speed and beautiful timbres. Perhaps some Technical Specifications are an explanation for this:

    T + A M10
    Nominal power 8 ohms: 1000 W.
    Damping factor 4 ohms:> 115
    Slew rate: 65 V / Js
    PWR supply reservoir capacity: 180,000 μF
    Distortion: <0.009%

    T + A PA 3000 HV
    Nominal power 4 ohms: 500 W.
    Damping factor 4 ohms:> 100
    Slew rate: 60 V / μS
    PWR supply reservoir capacity: 120,000 μF
    Distortion: <0.03%

    The M10 monos are better in all respects.


    Very nice evolving system, thanks for keeping us posted :)
    How do the M10s compare to the MP3000HV?


    Thank you very much. Yes it sounds wonderful.

    Thanks, yes the Amatis are difficult to drive. The Impedance in bass drops below 3 ohms. See Sonus Faber Amati Futura loudspeaker Measurements on Stereophile.


    Very, very nice! Those amps look crazy, Are the Futuras hard to drive? They are on my short list


    Gorgeous system those amps look amazing! I imagine it sounds wonderful thank you for sharing @streamfidelity


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