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Dimensions: 12’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Pioneer SA-9500II
    Vintage Silver Series Integrated Amp - I recapped and swapped out key transistors plus stripped and cleaned all switches. New LED power light.
    • Pioneer TX-8500 mkII
    Vintage Silver Series Tuner
    • Pioneer SG-9800
    Vintage Silver Series Graphic EQ
    • Pioneer PD-10
    Silver SACD Player w/remote. Japanese unit requires a Transformer for 120V use.
    • Pioneer DT-550
    Pioneer Silver Series Digital Timer for controlling power of the system
    • Pioneer RG-1
    Vintage Silver Series Range Expander - great for analog and flat sounding digital sources
    • Thorens TD-165
    Completely refurbished and customized by myslef with Black Maple plinth
    • Pioneer HPM-100
    Vintage Bart Locanthi designed 200W/100W late model version (I have another pair in storage as backup)
    • ASUS Computer International i7 Quad Core Desktop computer with SSD Custom built into the stereo cabinet
    Lookat the photo of the stereo cabinet carefully to see this important HiFi component

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