A life time of buying and selling to upgrade. I started 40 years ago. My 20x12x8 room is the biggest limiting factor. Two dedicated lines help power the system with one wired with 10 gauge instead of 12 gauge code. A definite sonic upgrade is my DIY speaker bases. I have wood floors and these tighten up and lower the bass quite a bit. Its not a subtle difference either. Here is how to make them.
1. Start 4 aluminum cones. I used my old Mod Squad Tip Toes but any ones will do.
2. 16x16 slab of granite.
3. 1/4 inch cork.
4. 1/2 inch neoprene rubber. The extra 1/4 inch made a small difference.
5. 1/4 inch cork.
6. Top it off with another 16x16 slab of granite.
7. Finally a wood cradle to hide the mechanism.
 It's based on well known industry isolation/damping standards and a wealth of information fellow Audiogon members have shared.

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Acoustic Signiture Final Tool
    With 2nd motor and latest upgrade. New silencer platter with 24 rubber/brass inserts. Graham 2.2 ceramic tonearm with Ortofon cadenza bronze cartridge.
    • Marantz SA-10
    Its a chameleon with Marantz music mastering I have multiple options of shaping my music from mellow to razor sharp detail and increased dynamic range. It up converts as well
    • AcousTech Electronics PH1 Premium
    Phono preamp
    • Bryston BP 17 cubed
    The quietest preamp.
    • Bryston 14b 3
    600 hundred watt amp. It bench tested to 680 watts. It makes any speaker its bitch. Wish I could find a pair of those amp killer Infinity Kappa 9s to try. lol.
    • PS Audio. PS 1000
    Power regenerator.
    • Nakamichi DRAGON
    Modified with a switch on the back that raises the pinch rollers for better access for cleaning.
    • Ohm Acoustics 5000
    Single driver with tweeter CLS omni directional speaker
    • Tandberg 3014a
    Not shown. Its in my bedroom

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One of my great regrets is in not purchasing the original Ohm A when it was first introduced ( I bought the Infinity Servostatics instead )  . Those 18 in. inverted " ice cream" cones sounded incredible . Unfortunately there were no amplifiers that could realistically drive them . 

Really fun system you've assembled . What do you play on the Dragon ? I have many fond memories of the 700 I owned which I reluctantly gave up with the introduction of DATs .

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Great system. Years ago I bought a Thorens turntable from a guy who auditioned the Thorens through the same Ohm speakers. Very impressive speakers. BTW I love your ‘Taste of Honey’ album art. I was infatuated with it as a youngster.


Much love for the Ohms. I also have run into issues with my Ohm Walsh 2000s on carpet. Found they sounded significantly better on hard floors than carpet. I have mine raised up about an inch off the floor with pegs; however, I like your method a lot better.

Great setup! 


Oops sorry. I will post a new photo with the dragon. I too never could afford one when I was young. I finally got one and love it.


Very nice system. I see you listed a Nakamichi Dragon but I didn’t see it in the pictures. That is by far the nicest Cassette I’ve ever seen. I had the Nakamichi LX3 back in the early 80’s and always wanted the Dragon just couldn’t afford it then. If I missed the Dragon in the photo please point it out. Thanks.


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