My current system in use. It was designed for the living room, so no speakers the size of my old system (80kg per piece), no racks for vinyl or CDs, some cabling mess by now and some acoustic treatments planned.
So, there is a streamer / server that handles the connection to the streaming services (Qobuz is ours) and stores and plays my bought files. Roon software is integrated to this streamer / server and gives me flawless combination of local files with the streaming catalogues.
During 2020, I pretty much upgraded all devices and cables. More budget at hand allowed to jump from the lowest end to the highest of the same manufacturers lines. No auditioning at stores due to Corona, made me decide by my trusted devices, reading lots of reviews, and get confirmation from my dealers, to stay with the manufacturers. Except for the DAC. But There I stayed with the new DAC and upgraded it to the medium and then top model. All these upgrades were more successful, than I inspected it to be, and none needed burn-in to be better. They still all got better while burning in.
I am amazed, what a simple CD contains, once it's downloaded or ripped, and then run through my server and my DAC. Most of this comes from cleaning power, EMI, and jitter, and re-clocking. The sound is wonderful and there is no fatigue, unless the recording is really bad.
Very natural and neutral, super high resolution and stage in all directions, impressive presence and engagement. Very happy ... but what can I change from now on ... :)

Room Details

Dimensions: 36’ × 13’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Living Voice (UK) Loudspeaker Avatar OBX RW4
    Same as before, but better parts and out of box crossover
    Bought Dec 2020 
    Replaces Living Voice Avatar IBX R3
    Floorstander, D'Appolito 2.5 way
    Bought Feb 2018
    Replaced Martin Logan ESL
    • Townshend Audio (UK) Seismic Isolation Podiums
    Used under the loudspeakers. Ugly, but very efficient. Bass and lower mids blooming almost completely gone, more transparence, better attacks, more life like.

    Bought Feb 2021 
    Replaced ProAudioBono (PL) Anti-vibration feet ceramic ball AVF
    • LessLoss (LT) Filter Firewall for Loudspeakers
    Connects between speaker cable and speaker. Skin filtering.
    Bought Aug 2019
    Added more in Oct 2021. So now 3 steps filtering daisy chained.
    • LessLoss (LT) Speaker Cable C-MARC Entropic
    banana plugs, 1.5 m from amp to crossover, 1m from crossover to speaker
    Bought Sep 2020
    Replaced Lavardin CMA 170
    • Lavardin (FR) Integrated Amp ITx-20
    2x55w, AB, Transistor
    Bought Apr 2020
    Replaced Lavardin ITx
    • LessLoss (LT) RCA cable C-MARC entropic
    Upgraded to entropic version in Nov 2021
    Bought Sep 2020
    Replaced Lavardin CML 83
    • LessLoss (LT) DAC Echo's End Reference Supreme Edition
    R2R, no output amplifier, special power filters, special cabling, Panzerholz wooden cases, one for power supply, the other electronics.
    Bought Dec 2020
    Replaced LessLoss Echo's End Reference
    Bought Oct 2020
    Replaced LessLoss Echo's End Original
    Bought Jan 2020
    Replaced Lampizator Baltic
    • Innuos (PT) Music Server Statement
    4 TB SSD, Ethernet Streaming, USB digital output, power supply in separate case
    Bought Nov 2020
    Replaced Innuos ZENith MK3
    1 TB SSD, ethernet streaming, USB digital output
    Bought Jan 2019
    Replaced Melco N1A H60/2
    • Roon Labs (US) roon
    The Roon Core runs on my music server InnuOS Statement.
    The best interface to my music server and streaming, greatly integrated.
    Bought Oct 2020, life long license.
    Replaced ipeng software on iPad. The integration of streaming was very poor.

    With Innuos v2.0 software and the Innuos sense interface, the Roon software is obsolete. The Innuos software produces better SQ by using hardware specifics. 
    • LessLoss (LT) Power Cable C-MARC entropic
    All 4 power cables
    Bought Apr 2020
    Replaced Lavardin CMR 250 and LessLoss C-MARC (non-entropic)
    • LessLoss (LT) Custom Firewall power distributor
    5 outlets, firewall 6x64x (skin filter)
    Bought May 2019
    Replaced Lavardin distributor and 4x LessLoss Firewall 64x
    • LessLoss (LT) Bindbreaker
    Vibration control feet. All HiFi devices incl. power distributor and crossover boxes, each has a set of 3 feet.
    Bought Sep 2019 until Dec 2020
    Replaced ply wood planks
    • ProAudioBono (PL) Rack AVSS
    anti-vibration shelves and feet
    Bought Nov 2019
    Replaced TV Sideboard
    • LessLoss (LT) Blackbody Ambient Field Conditioner v2
    Upgraded to 20 pieces Jan 2021
    "Replaced" Schnerzinger Grid Protector
    10 pieces
    Great enhancement in soundstage, timbres, presence, detail
    Bought Jul 2020
    Replaced Schnerzinger Giga Protector
    • Schnerzinger (DE) Outlet Installation
    Wall outlet of highest quality and performance ... not kidding, even at that price!!
    Bought Jun 2020
    Replaced Oyaide SWD-XX-E
    • Townshend Audio (UK) Maximal Supertweeters
    Additional set top tweeter with high frequency range up to 90kHz. Amazing improvements in many aspects ... even bass, no kidding!!

    After other changes, that brought lots of more resolution, the tweeters did more harm than benefits. Taken out of the system.
    • Tellurium Q (UK) Silver Diamond USB
    Connects server to DAC
    upgraded from Tellurium Q Silver Ultra USB 2021-06 

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I like your system. Thanks for sharing it.


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