Room Details

Dimensions: 36’ × 13’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Living Voice (UK) Loudspeaker Avatar IBX R3
    Floorstander, D'Appolito 2.5 way
    • ProAudioBono (PL) Anti-vibration feet ceramic ball AVF
    Screw into original speaker spike threads
    • LessLoss (LT) Filter Firewall for Loudspeakers
    Connects between speaker cable and speaker. Skin filtering.
    • Lavardin (FR) Speaker Cable CMA170
    • Lavardin (FR) Integrated Amp ITx
    2x55w, AB, Transistor, 
    • Spectral/MIT (US) RCA cable
    From previous system, 30 years old
    • Lampizator (PL) DAC Baltic
    Tube driven FPGA DAC
    • Innuos (PT) Music Server ZENith MK3
    1 TB SSD, ethernet streaming, USB digital output
    • Tice (US) Powercable PC1 and PC2
    Between components and power distributor.
    From previous system, 30 years old
    • LessLoss (LT) Custom Firewall power distributor
    5 outlets, firewall 6x64x (skin filter)
    • LessLoss (LT) Power Cable C-MARC
    Between wall, outlet and power distributor
    • ProAudioBono (PL) Rack AVSS
    anti-vibration shelves and feet

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I like your system. Thanks for sharing it.


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