Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 13’  Small
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Innuos STATEMENT
    Music Server
    • Triode Wire Labs Power cords
    Have multiple power cords from the Obsession to farther down the line.
    • Triode Wire Labs American interconnects
    • Triode Wire Labs American Speaker Cables
    • Star Sound Technologies Various
    Multiple flavors of stands/tacks in my system. Just about everything is on some type of Star Sound stand.
    • Volti Audio Alura
    • OPPO BDP-93
    Blu Ray Player
    • Mytek Brooklyn DAC
    • Acoustic Signature WOW-XXL
    • Lehmann Audio Decade
    Phono Preamp
    • Border Patrol USB DAC
    • Border Patrol Pre-Amplifier Control Unit
    With external power supply.
    • Border Patrol P20
    Has the EXS power supplies.
    • REL Acoustics Dual REL subs
    • Triode Wire Labs USB cable

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