The main components of my system are currently:

CD:                        CD-Transport:         ORACLE CD2500
                              DAC:                      JADIS DAC JS1 MkIII

Vinyl:                      Turntable:               EAT FORTE
                              Tonearm:                EAT EGo (a Graham Phantom II/III hybrid)
                              Pickup system:       Ortofon McAnna

Reel to Reel Tape: STUDER A80 RC MkII
                              STUDER A810 MkII

Amplifier:                Phono:                    Audio Research Phono Reference 2 SE
                              Preamp:                  Audio Research Reference 5 SE
                              Monos:                   Audio Research Reference 300 Mk2

Speakers:               Fullrange:               Triangle Magellan Grand Concert
                              Subwoofers:           Triangle Meteor 0.4

Cables:                   Power:                    mostly Siltech SPX-20/30/800
                              Interconnect:           mostly Siltech G7
                              Speaker:                 Siltech G7 (Van Den Hul for the subwoofers)


Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 20’  Large
Ceiling: 7’

Components Toggle details

    • Audio Research Phono Reference 2 SE
    Phono Preamp, tube, 2 inputs, many adjustments possible
    • Audio Research Reference 5 SE
    a great tube PreAmp
    • Audio Research Reference 300 Mk2
    tube mono power amplifiers, 300W, 17 tubes each, great sound
    • Oracle Audio Technologies CD2500
    carved from one massive aluminium block - more art than technology,
    has a built-in DAC which I do not use
    • Jadis DAC JS1 MkIII
    the only (silver-)gold colored components in my system.
    has a dedicated power supply unit.
    a massive turntable, separated motor unit with 2 motors, 40 pound platter, overall weight 120 pounds. very quiet.
    • Graham Audio Phantom 2-3
    an EAT branded tonearm (EAT-EGo), build by Graham.
    Technically it is a hybrid product between Phantom II and III
    • Ortofon McAnna
    the top MC pickup from Ortofon, detailled, powerful, ideal for "real music"
    • Studer A80 RC MkII
    one of the most legendary STUDER reel to reel machines.
    Many, many of the 70s and 80s albums have been mastered on this type of machine.
    incredible massivly built, 200 pounds weight, very well servicable, great sound.
    Mine is equipped with CCIR cards.
    • Studer A810 MkII
    a multi-purpose machine, for studios, radio stations, even mobile usage.
    very flexible, younger than the A80, more modern, more electronics.
    A great machine.
    • Dolby M-363
    The DOLBY-M363 unit is used to code/decode reel-to-reel recordings with Dolby noise reduction. This model allows to use "Dolby SR/A" modules, which have to full electronics for both the DOLBY-A compression (the first and original one) and for the DOLBY-SR compression - a later, further improved, compression technique.
    One machine is used for coding when recording, the other machine is used for decoding when reproducing. This could be done with only one machine, but it requires deconnecting and connecting the used/not used (rec/play) cables each time you switch operation....
    • Triangle Magellan Grand Concert
    the top model from French speaker manufacturer Triangle.
    approx 7 feet high, very open sound, huge soundstage, has additional high+mid speakers firing backwards
    • Triangle Meteor 0.4
    the largest subwoofer from Triangle, a perfect fit to the Magellan Grand Concert full range speaker.
    • Siltech Cables 770
    the G7 series, used for most interconnects.

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Well done, beautiful system, must sound awesome!
Magellans don't show up that often on A'gon VS so thanks for sharing :)
What kind of music do you listen to and how do you source RTR recordings (I have a Studer A807 but struggling to find decently priced tapes)?


Beautiful, I love to hear those analog tape decks!


Wow! That is one serious system! Love all the R2R decks and that Oracle CD spinner is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing Otto.


Hi mjcmt, thank you for your nice words! It took a lot of tests and upgrades over nearly 20 years! It was a lot of fun and learning, and I am very happy with the current system - and I feel lucky to have the luxury of a dedicated listening room!

Ag insider logo xs@2xozatschek

Exceptional in every respect. Your Triangle speaker system is amazing, and must mate exceptionally well w/ AR amplification. Your large and comfortable room is awesome too.


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