This is my current ever evolving 2-channel system that I thoroughly enjoy. Nothing real fancy but to me it sounds truly amazing. It's a smallish listening area but I have the speaker placement for my sweet spot just right and that's all that counts. I let my brother sit in my chair occasionally. I'm planning to retire next year and I think I'm going to treat myself to another speaker upgrade. I have a short list of models that I want to audition, Kef R11, Sonus Faber Sonnetto III, and Monitor Audio Gold 200 G5. I consider this to be on the edge on Mid/Hi-end systems. After 41 years of buying audio equipment I never imagined hearing something this good and I can't imagine what the next level sounds like.

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    • Marantz CD-5004 CD Player
    • Rotel RA1572 Integrated Amp
    • B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) 705 S2 Speakers
    • Pro-Ject Debut III with Ortofon Blue & Acrylic Platter
    • B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) ASW-610xp Subwoofer
    • Tributaries SP6 Grand Reference Bi-wire Speaker Cables
    • AudioQuest Interconnects
    • Sanus Systems Speaker Stands

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You know that is actually a great idea, thanks for the suggestion!


Very nice equipment choices. This is my type of system...basic with satisfying sound. My only advice is a nice esthetically pleasing wood audio rack.


Thanks for your comments and well wishes! I have listened to the Maggies at my dealer and was really impressed with the LRS and 1.7's but the problem is that I have a cat and I could never trust him with them.


Your system represents a system (to me) that makes sense and I am sure sounds very good for the investment. Be careful if you upgrade the speakers it is likely to set off a chain of other upgrades to follow - that is usually how it works for me. Your room is a similar size to mine. I am currently running the new Magnepan LRS speakers. The Maggie’s sound amazing.
Cheers and all the best on your retirement. 


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Perfect system for your room size. I'm sure it sounds wonderful. ENJOY!!


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