The only thing this audio hobby have teach me is that what we already owns is able to reach a potential sound quality unbeknownst to us, sometimes a very high level...Never mind the price....

The most important lesson I learned was that it is not the so called hi-cost quality of the electronic components of an audio system that makes great audio experience, it is the careful controlled preparation of the 3 embeddings of any audio system : mechanical, acoustical and electrical....All the marketing audio industry mostly does not say that, they must sell their carefully researched products and tweaking is only a small "niche" products that you added at the end of your endeavour...

The truth is inverse of that, tweaks and preparation must be first, and my rule is : any electronic components that is already good will takes cares of his function without any needs for a so called upgrades necessity and will work at his peak potential only in a such rightly prepared triple embeddings... Then when some company affirm something about their electronic new marvels they are right, often their product is better than the one you owns already... But if you had never listen to what you already owned in the first place at his peak potential quality, because you had not installed your electronic components in a qualitatively carefully prepared embeddings, what is the need to upgrade a product which you dont really know ?

All electronic components are on a 3 level of quality/price ratio.... Low, mid, high....Any upgrading changes in the same rung of the scale is a waste of money and not necessary, and will be deceiving in giving to you only a small improvement at best.... The triple preparations of the embeddings will gives you hi-fi, even sometimes with some low components in the scale, more with the mid elements of the scale, and you will think: is it absolutely necessary that I pay now for high priced elements in the upper end of the scale ?

I smile now and say to some beginners, trust yourself, and create heaven, that will not cost necessarily much money...Only basic good components, playful mind, listening experiments, homemade stuff most of the times, and at the end a real hi-fi experience will surprize you...

One thing is obvious to me, i am not envious of any of the beautiful system, all of them more marvellous to look than mine, not because my sound is better, probably not most of the times, but trust me not too far behind, then I can enjoy my music without dreaming to other gear... That speaks volume when you consider the ridiculous low cost of my audio system, compared to all the others one here.... :)


After many experiments, I must conclude that the "golden" plates (shungite+copper foil) are at their best used in these locations:

On the exterior electrical meter of the house
On the central breakers panel of the house
On the peripheral breaker panel of the room
Behind the speakers
On unused wall plugs
On some interconnections ( not all of them) determined by listening experiments
On the computer router or modem
On some of the computer connectors (hard drive, optical convertor etc)
On the power conditioner

Total of big and small "golden" plates in my system : 30, half are of  bigger size.

They works optimally where they are not too much near the audio system except thin "golden" plate on some connection which location are determined by listening experiments...

I decide to remove the thin "golden plates" and keep only Herkimer diamond and tourmaline on some of the Schumann generators... Sound is more balanced with some of the S. G. with the "golden" thin plates +tourmaline, but some S.G. with only Quartz or Herkimer Diamond or tourmaline...

On my small usb S.G., 3 had a "golden" plate with tourmaline or H.D. now, and the 5 others had tourmaline or some other stones only...These varieties and variations create a more harmonious and balanced sound. ) 
Liliputian H.D. (around .150 of a gram ) are very powerful and better than regular H.D. on top of tourmaline or golden plate for the S.G.

The shungite in general is delicate to use for audio positive effect... The shungite can add some negative trade-off in some place but  that it is easy to compensate keeping only the positive impact...For this compensation the copper tape act like some polarization of the shungite action, and the Herkimer diamond added some balancing effect on all frequencies without erasing the impactful force of the shungite cleaning noise action....When needed it tough, on a big shungite plate for example, you can replace the little H.D. by tourmaline or pink Quartz for the balancing effect, for example if you put the "golden" plate on your central breaker panel...

The "singing resonators" grid are of my own design with vertically glued copper tape and some amethyst or tourmaline in the center of each bucket.( I had 10 sets now composed of 5 or 6 metal buckets small or bigger) And yes! with more money at hand I would have designed them with brass but they work marvel even made by the cheapest metal buckets bought in the one dollar store and I dont understand why, but my ears dont want to understand...This is by far the most impactful room treatment of my owns and the cost relation to the imaging sound quality is astounding...If you dont have money and dont fear ridicule try it, I have completely transform my room in sonic heaven with this last tweaks at almost no cost... This will deliver to your room the sonic qualities that only big money only is supposed to be able to afford...I called them resonators but they are also reflectors and are a key elements for me to compensate for the irregularities in the distribution of furniture and of the walls irregularies near the speakers  relatively to my sitting position ….Dont thanks me...:)

 In one of the photos we can see a big glass Helmholtz resonator homemade, i design 20 of them  in my room (most of them around 1 liter some around 5 gallons).
The 6 china designed cheap Schumann Generators modified in my room are linked by cable to my grid of cabled stones+ batteries... (it is important that the shungite pyramid dont touch the horizontal antenna of the S.G. and by the way it is not necessary to put a pyramid to affect the sound a thin+copper cell phone shungite plate will do the same on top of the 4 capacitors of these usb powered Schumann generator and will cost less)

On speakers and in front wall and rear wall I put 15 TINY  MAGICAL RESONATORS: one Alaska brass cone 3/8 inch + 1 Herkimer tiny diamond in the center...Results: better imaging  and better timbre.… cost ridiculous and behemoth effect....

My room is treated by myself after many experiments and only with no cost materials ( the rule number 1 is to make an equilibrium between reflexive and absorption surfaces and materials in a particular room)...

An important  remark: Room treatment with absorbant or reflective materials and non conventional acoustical space modifications with Schumann modified generators and controls with Helmholtz resonators or different resonators and reflectors are not the same thing.We must not confuse room treatment with acoustical space modifications.

If there is 3 rungs in the scale going to low, mid, and high, any electronic component pertaining to a rung of this scale is different with another on the same rung...But rightly embedded anyone of this element go from a rung to a higher rung entirely if it is rightly embedded with the 3 implementation protocols and parts pertaining to each one of these 4 methods :

1-The mechanical environment of each electronic component (vibrations-resonances controls)

2-The electrical grid of the room and of the house

3a-the "passive" room treatment with materials absorbant and reflective ones

3b-the "active" acoustical space modifications with reflectors, Helmholtz resonators, Schumann generators,etc
(We must not confuse room treatment 3a with acoustical space modifications 3b. because one work in a passive way, the other work in an active way)


The electrical grid of my house is also treated by my own design, and my speakers and gear are on top of my homemade vibrations platforms which is 5 sandwiches of coupling-decoupling levels, each platform created with 2 granite plates+ one bamboo plate+ one cork plate+ one sorbothane plate +quartz feet...At any sound level this is so efficient than my finger on the desk does not sense any vibrations coming from the speakers...(By the way I know perfectly well that there is vibrations in a range that my finger cannot sense of, but nothing is perfect no?) I forget to say that I added 70 pounds of concrete to the mass of each of the speaker and to complement the damping sandwiches for the controls of negative resonance....

The external electrical main cable of the house is entirely treated with ordinary cheap riverbed stones and some shungite plate… The main central electrical panel of my house also, with lava beads, agate, tourmaline, shungite tiles and some others even the computer and the routers are treated with some stones and crystals etc...It is way better than an active filtering, a passive filtering with stones does not add any noise of his own and is more cheaper than a big power conditioner....Each stones has his own filtering characteristics easily audible with experiments...All this characteristics are complementary with each stones adding to the lot... By the way I use  my "golden" shungite plate( designed for cell phone) to block unused wall duplex plug... 

My audio system is less an out of the box ready to listen system than an experiment in the making...
The total cost of my system is around 1000 dollars all included except the price of the stones (20 varieties of crystals and stones used) in my grid... The sound is way above his price and appearance...Upgrading possibilities giving to me by reviews of any price gear makes me smiles with satisfaction with my cheap audio but TOTL system...

I get holographic 3-d imaging and natural timbre sounding instrument or voices at my 3 possible positions for listening : nearfield, normal position, and with my Fostex orthos headphone...That was exactly my goal in the beginning of my odyssey some years ago with few money to spend...

I hope some"poor" audiophiles will be motivated by me...The others can smile incredulously... :)

One important remark about my "singing resonators" grid set of ten quincunx or sextile buckets :
My room is relatively small 14 feet by 14 feet and 11 feet high...I think that in a way bigger room my metal buckets resonators would be less efficient to controls the imaging and way less spectacular if working...Then take that into account in the equation...

A new powerful tweaks: The "golden"shungite plate...

You take a shungite plate and you put on one side some thin auto-adhesive copper tape, and you put the plate with the adhesive out of the surface of the electrical panel, or router-modem, or cable, or unused duplex wall plugs etc and miracles happens: more imaging and more natural sound....This is low cost and simply magical...Enjoy it, it is almost free...(except the 10 dollars plate shungite 250 grams) For a cable or a unused duplex plug you can buy a shungite cell phone thin plate for a few bucks...

I have 5 shungite plates of 250 grams on my electrical central panel in my basement, the shungite plate improve the sound way better with the copper tape on the side exterior to the applied surface...

Behind the speakers under the cables connectors and on top of them I place some "golden" shungite plate, 2 for each speakers for  a total of 4...On top of each shungite exposed side I glued an Herkimer diamond for each plate, that enhance the effect of the shungite plates behind speakers...(there is a photo ) I add one small tourmaline stone to the H.D. on top of one of the plate behind each speakers... The 3 more potent stones that act very good in synergy with one another, is tourmaline, Herkimer diamond and shungite…The "golden" trinity for speakers... Behind my speakers they make perfect harmony between imaging, timbre, tonal equilibrium...  Amazing low cost modification....No corresponding audiophile mods. on the market exist  at this cheap cost... The "golden" plate  on the central electrical panel of the house, and behind the speakers are an upgrade of the whole audio system for peanuts....

 A word of caution :These posts are only words to convey my experience and not science at all.... 

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    • my room the essential component
    some view of my homemade room treatment done by hearing experiments...
    • Sansui Au-7700 amplifier
    • Starting Point Systems Nos battery dac TDA 1543 design by Christophe Mariac
    • Mission Cyrus 781 speakers modified
    • Fostex T10 orthodynamic headphone modified

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Thanks gotvinyl for your kind attention...

My faith and experience is precisely that fact, which nobody ever tell me at the beginning of my journey, the fact that it is possible for 1000 dollars all included, if we know what to do, to experience top HiFi musical sound....I want this truth to be known of those who dont had the luxury of money to buy ready made out of the box solutions or costly electronical components... My best to you...


those who claim that affording Hi-Fi necessarily cost tons of money in ideal electronic components, are not on the track at all... Ordinary relatively good electronic components are sufficient for that, at the condition that their optimal performance could be made possible by: 
vibrations-resonance controls, 
decreasing the noise floor of the house and room,
 acoustical treatment of the room with conventional materials
 and last but not least some other non conventional one...  


Noromance I must add that I had more than 50 resonators, in a 12 groups, that compensated each others... And I had other tweaks that compensate also for the negative resonance...For example 8 Schuman generators modified with stones that enhance the acoustic of the room and  19 Helmholtz resonators also...The final results is the convergence of many tweaks in a cumulative continuous  improvement process for the ears... Not one isolate adjustment  of one only piece of materials with a measurement... At the end I will use a room and speaker analysis for an ultimate optimization for sure ...But the sound is already in my room, in near listening field, or for regular field listening, way more  accurate and pleasurable than any of the 6 headphones I tried... my best to you


For my ears there is way much more musicality... I  dont pretend that there is no measurable indesirable resonant harmonics... There  is, but I makes some choices appropriate to my ears, i used also stones on the center of the resonator and I used copper tape cutting the aperture for example, and i established angles and heights with my ears only, than the results are accurate for MY EARS... Other ears will makes other choices...The main point here is not that there is  an absolute measurable accuracy, there is not; but there is FOR MY EARS a more relative musical accuracy...That is the point... The other point is this added tweak cost nothing...Trust your ears... It is your ears that are the judge and the implicated part here, not an engineering external party we must pay for….Thanks for raising this issue...My best to you from the heart...


Thanks vpi


Thank you Mikepaul, for the advice about thief, but here they are not poor...  :)  And my deep hat raising for your generous appreciation...My best...


Thanks archguy...

You are right some of us are beginners without money...Or old fool like me without money...But my audio system is not what it seems...I am in sonic heaven right now...Then it is possible to tackle the bull by the horns ourself and to a great avail...Money is not indispensable for high quality sound...But for sure all is relative and I do not argue that my system is on par with many systems on display here...But some would be surprized like I am...


Dear timm1951

For sure I am crazy, but how do you do to give to yourself an audiophile system without money? Crazyness is not necessary nor sufficient, you must read, study, and think and devise your own experiments and homemade tweaks...You will be surprized to listen to my audio system now by far more than very good...Before my experiments I did not like really me gear, but now upgrading them seems crazy to me... My best to you...



I am perfectly conscious of your observation in the first place...I think the same... I try that anyway just for fun and without the money that will be used for something better, but in my already homemade treated room, and adjusted and rightly leveled, these resonators, 6 buckets per set(6 sets in my room ) transform for the better the imaging of my speakers without degrading timbre...I want to give the idea to some "poor" audiophile , if like me he want to play... The effect was so astounding without negative at null cost almost, why keep it secret? I dont fear ridicule and I like to replicate costly tweaks... There is many company that sells resonators at high price and that dont makes better...How do you transform the imaging of speakers at virtually no cost? if you know a better way feel free to write to me...For the more independent spirit mind this idea is free, and way more impactful than many other costly tweaks... I am surprized myself, because like you I think that this is not supposed to be the best materials to begin with. But if you look I add copper tape vertically ans amethyst in the center and that makes a difference also...Thanks for your thoughtful remark I wish you the best...

P.S. I add one bucket to each set of five then 6 buckets per set, the photo was taken before. In my system I design also a grid of cabled stones and crystals with batteries and magnets and 6 Schumann generator linked to this grid, and I used my own homemade Helmholtz resonators...At the total ridiculous cost under 200 bucks for all the room treatment including the 6 cheap modified S.G. + 20 Helmholtz bottles + cheap materials for the walls, the treatment of my audio room is completed and the result are more than satisfying to my ears...More satisfying than paying thousand of dollars for the same results or less...Ridicule cannot kill my proud achievement and here I only want to give hope to people without money and inspiration for the others...Designing our own system at very low cost is more fun than paying big bucks, especially if you dont have them... :)


 This is a "singing resonators" designed by me for room treatment at the cheapest possible cost, but the results for 6 of these set in my room exceed all possible expectation... They consist of cheap metal bucket, one stone (amethyst or tourmaline) glued in the center, with a 5 mm copper adhesive tape perpendicular to the roof or the floor of the room...The results for the investment is astounding... Placement, inclination , orientation is an experimentally adjustement particular to your acoustical room and ears...