This is a Star Sound Technologies Energy Room - the pinnacle of Star Sound's approach to vibration management. Every aspect of the room, including the dedicated electrical system has been carefully engineered to provide an unequaled listening environment. LIVE VIBE!

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Dimensions: 21’ × 13’  Medium
Ceiling: 9’

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    I'm thinking about building a dedicated room in my basement. I have a 15 x 25 room available. I was just thinking about making a simple room and line with acoustic treatments. But this certainly looks interesting. I don't know where to start.


    WOW, don't know how it sounds, I would guess very good, but as I take in the room...... it just looks right.


    Thank you. Room is available for audition. Located just outside Madison, WI. We have a process setup to work with contractors/craftspeople on the construction.


    @dhumphrey   Thanks for the disclosure. Is the room available for audition? Where is it located? - David.

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    Very nice. Glad to see the effort that was put into this room and system. Looks like a great place to lose yourself for an evening of focussed listening


    Disclosure: I am involved (management, other) with Star Sound Technologies. 

    Room has been custom designed and built from the dedicated electrical, walls, ceiling, corners and door. Supported by science and of course listening. 

    Platforms and stands are a combination of BACK-STAGE, Rhythm and Apprentice. Cables from the Music Note and Sonoran series. 

    Electronics, etc: ASR, TTW, Thales, Merging, PBN.  

    If one person is listening to the system, there is one listening chair. If there are multiple listeners there are multiple seating arrangements. 

    Thank you for your comments and interest. 


    Can you comment on your Sistrum Platforms from Star Sound Technologies? Thanks.

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    Nice/interesting room, can you tell us more about it and also about your gear?


    Nice visual statement to compliment your gear. I like to idea of removing the corners of the room. Well done. Is this a scientific approach with frequency measurements, or where you just shooting from the hip, so to speak.
    I've thought about a diy room similar in scope, but with the addition of a slight angle from about 3' high down to the floor to minimize bass magnification at the wall/floor corner. Of course mine is a non-scientific approach eliminating deep corners were bass is magnified.

    On a personal note, I don't care for solo rooms with only one chair. They seem solitary and lonely. I'd have 2 or 3 chairs to accommodate visitors and friends. Just my 2¢


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