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    • NHT T-6
    Bi-amplified with Musical Fidelity 550k Superchargers on the 2X12" bass modules and a Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature on the upper M6 monitor. Isoacoustics Aperta stands are placed in between for isolation purposes. Connected with Audioquest Redwood cables on the monitor and Double bi-wired Audioquest Volcano on the bass module.
    • Musical Fidelity 550k
    Pair of amplifier superchargers. Running the NHT B6 bass modules.  Double Bi-wired with Audioquest Volcano cables.
    • Sunfire Cinema Grand Sig II
    Two of these amplifiers. One for the main speakers and second one for surrounds/center.
    • Paradigm Servo 15 v.2
    Coupled with Paradigm Sub 15.
    • Paradigm Sub 15
    Coupled with the Paradigm Servo 15v2.
    • Paradigm Sub 12
    Front array with the NHT B6 modules.
    • NHT Controller
    Pre-amp processor
    • DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 DualCore
    Using as a bass pre-amp to control sub levels.
    • Sony VPL-VW600ES
    4k Projector
    • Da-Lite PARALLAX
    109" screen
    • Paradigm Signature Servo
    • Sony SCD-XA9000es
    • SONY BDP-S5000es
    • Power Sound Audio S-3601
    • Sony HAP-Z1ES

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subs, subs, and more subs!


Your room needs more gear. Get rid of the chairs


Holy Smokes!  That looks like a lot of subwoofers.  I like bass, too.

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