Second System. A mix of Tubes, Class D and PS Audio.

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Dimensions: 16’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Wadia A340 mono blocks
    Class D, sounds great to me. Ive had big Class "A" amps (Krell-Pass), bigger class "A/B" (Classe') which all sounded great too. Switched to these because I'm getting older and tired of moving big amps!
    • JVC QL-Y66F
    Bought new in 1985. Lets just say we have some history. haha
    • Genesis Advanced Technologies 6.1e
    • VPI Industries Classic 2
    Ortofon Black 2m
    • Modwright PH-9
    Best phono pre I have had
    • Mystere USA CA-21
    • Bowers Wilkins PV1
    one silver/one black. Perfect for this smaller sized room
    • PS Audio PerfectWave DAC MK II
    • PS Audio Perfectwave Transport
    • PS Audio PerfectWave Powerplant 5
    • Cardas Audio Cables
    Mostly using all Cardas Cabling. Exception is the power cord going into the P5 is a Purist Audio cable and power cord/RCA's from the JVC TT which are still stock

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Soul Mining FTW!


Thanks for the nice comments mjcmt and hificrazed!


Very nice choice of equipment. I've always enjoyed the sound of a tube pre and SS power. I'm sure it's a fine match w/ class d power. Love your Dac and phono pre too. 

BTW, I'm running a Mystere IA11 tube integrated amp. Sounds so good. It surprised me at the tight bass and clean highs it produces.


Love the look of your room. Great job!!


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