The Room:
The system sits in the living room portion of one relatively large open space which also contains both the main entry way to the home as well as the dining room.  The combined space is 27 feet wide.   The living room portion is 12 feet wide and 15 feet deep.  The dining room portion at the other end is approximately 11 feet wide and 10.5 feet deep.  In between is the front entry way to the house.  The house is a 1950's split level design.  Ceiling height starts out at 8 feet behind the speakers and peaks out at 13 feet behind the prime listening position.   Opposite the entry way are openings for two sets of stairs, one leading to the bedroom level, and the other leading to the lower level.

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    • Thiel CS 2.4 speakers
    • Bryston 3B-ST Amp
    • Bryston BP-20 Preamp with MPS-1 Power Supply
    • Rotel RT-940AX Tuner
    • Melco N1A Music Server/NAS
    • Bluesound Node 2i Network Player
    • Chord Electronics Ltd. Qutest DAC with Small Green Computer 5V Linear Power Supply

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cool system Jazzman! you'll hear every component upgrade with the Thiel CS2.4 speakers. kind of magic


Love your room, furnishings and Bryston equipment. 
I'm thinking of a music server, but don't know where to begin for a budget-orientated system.


Fellow Thiel owner, the beauty of your system and the elegance of your listening room is on pair with the sound quality that I am  sure you can enjoy


Impressive implementation of good listening equipment in a normal living space.  It looks like you've solved the puzzle of getting all the equipment you want/need into a beautiful living room as unobtrusively as possible, while still maximizing the audible results.  Tasteful furnishings and well hidden cables help make it work.  Love it!  Might inspire me to refinish the antique ice box currently used for storage in the garage.  Thanks for sharing.


Beautifully done, tasteful, clean, a lovely setup! I especially like how it integrates with the pleasing decor. Imo, this is an enviable combination of real world living space and audio without having to spend major dollars. 

One bit of potential help; the power amp sits underneath a gorgeous cabinet. Perhaps you have already checked how hot the amp gets in that tight location. If the amp runs hotter due to less air circulation it can effect the life of the amp. It's nice to have things hidden, but not worth shortening the lifespan. I also would not be excited about the heat radiating up against the beautiful antique, as over time it could cause the wood to dry severely. Perhaps that is overly-cautious, but a thought for you. 

When we were in our former home I also had similar blinds to close when listening. It worked well enough, though it was at the listening position rather than behind the speakers. One has to accommodate real world conditions! 

Again, kudos on a lovely room and audio setup! 


Tom, the window space behind the speakers is fitted with fabric roller blinds which cover the entire window space when lowered.


Jazzman - have you tried draperies on the windows behind the speakers?


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