This room is just for me. Wife wanted “the ugly sound gear” out of the master bedroom so it moved to my home office. Recently moved to a new house and this is the new office space. The room is barely treated yet and very much a work in progress, but still my favorite room in the house. Cables are nothing special, but are routed through the cabinets/floor to keep things looking clean. Recently added the isoacoustic isolation components and upgraded my cartridge. Really came alive and is now sounding great to me. Just need to repaint the room and then add some more room treatments… and a few more good bottles of bourbon.

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    • KEF LS-50
    Amazing soundstage and imaging in a friend’s system is what got me into this hobby, and these little bookshelves deliver both in spades. Can’t play loud or super deep, but don’t need either here. Might upgrade someday, but I think these will always have a home somewhere in my house.
    • Creek Audio Evolution 100A
    Originally bought for a bedroom system where the slimline profile and all-in-one option with the DAC module was a major selling point, but this integrated amp and its class-G architecture has really impressed me.
    • Creek Audio Ruby DAC Module
    • Cambridge Audio CXN
    Upgraded from a chromecast audio to the CXN and it has been a rock-solid performer. Definitely deserves better than the Spotify stream I mostly feed it.
    • VPI Industries Nomad
    My first foray into vinyl. I wish it had a dustcover and bypass for the built-in phono stage, but it has been rock solid as the system has moved to multiple rooms and to a new house. Really came alive with the cartridge upgrade to the 2M Blue
    • Ortofon 2M Blue
    Upgraded from the 2M Red that came with the Nomad table and the results were not subtle. Makes me wonder how much farther this lifestyle table can go.
    • Meze Audio 99 Classics
    A fun pair of headphones for when I can’t wake the wife and kid in the early morning hours. Also beautiful and comfortable. Look really cool on all the Zoom calls we’ve been stuck with the last couple years.
    • Pioneer DV-440
    used as CD transport (very rarely)
    • IsoAcoustics Orea Bronze
    Isoacoustic isolation pucks for my turntable
    • IsoAcoustics Aperta
    Speaker stands
    • JnB Audio Turntable Dust Cover
    Custom acrylic dust cover found from a seller on eBay. Looks great and most importantly in a house with 2 dogs and a toddler, it works to keep the dust off the turntable.

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