Hi Everyone
My system is a long evolution over 20 plus years and now I finally believe I am where I want to be. 
It all started with an all Naim Audio system that I had for a long time that I have since given to my daughter. Then I moved in to a B&W 800d paired with Krell KRS 200 Class A power Amps and Krell KRC pre amp. I loved that system and enjoyed it throughly. The bass in this system was outstanding though the imaging left something to be desired. I never felt the treble was overbearing or shrill as a lot of people find with B&W speakers. But my god the Krell amps ran hot. I live in a very hot climate and blessed that the room is air conditioned. But the heat that these amps put off was still felt. Over time the Krells developed a midrange distortion in one channel that I could never fix. We have some competent Krell repair guys and we tried every thing including changing the Caps and the drivers but alas it never went away. 
Finally over the years I convinced the wife that I needed a dedicated audio room and when she agreed I built one. The room is 21 feet long by 16 feet wide by 9 feet high. Tried close to the golden ratio as space allowed. The room is well treated with all treatments DIY. They consist of a combination of diffusion, absorption and some bass traping with some foam. Not sure if the bass traping is effective but I am happy enough. 
The system was acquired slowly as I sold the old one in parts. The Wilson Max speakers were bought as demo pieces from our local dealer. Everything else was brand new. And my god what a nightmare theses speakers were to get into the room. My room is in a basement and 8 able bodied men could not budge the bass module boxes. It said 186 KG and I call BS. These weighed a lot more than that. Finally I had to call some specialist riggers who came in with ropes and pullys and managed to wrestle them down the stairs. Once uncrated they easily rolled into place. 
This is where part two of the difficulty came into play. I am an experienced audiophile but for the life of me could not get these situated to my liking. After a months long struggle where these remained on the castors I think I have them close to ideal. They are now on the spikes but I think they may need to be tweaked a little soon. 
And my god how glorious the sound is now. The bass the imaging is just breath taking. It seems the whole wall behind the speakers is live. It comes from every where except the speakers themselves. The B&W imaging was very dead center with not much height. These have sound that encompasses me. Loving the system for now and the only thing I can think of changing is the power amps but that is in the distant future. I have not installed my Analogue rig for now but will do so next month or so. 
The analogue system is also now installed and running. I have 2 turntables and both are now installed. Only issue is that my TT/Phono is a good distance from the main system due to room constraints. 

Room Details

Dimensions: 21’ × 16’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Ayre Acoustics KX-R
    Pre Amp
    • PS Audio DirectStream DAC
    • PS Audio P5 Power Plant
    • Wilson Audio MAXX Series II
    • Classe Audio CT-M600
    Power Amps
    • Transparent Audio Ultra BiCable
    Speaker Wire
    • Clearaudio Performance DC
    • Avid Pellar
    Phono Stage
    • Pro-Ject Debut Carbon
    • Pro-Ject Phono Box DS
    Phono Stage
    • Dynavector Karat 17D3
    • Clearaudio Concept MM V2

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Hi all
The HT system is very basic with B&W 805s in Tiger Eye Maple for the front 2 and centre. The rear surrounds are some old Yamaha speakers. The Subs are both Velodyne. All room acoustics are DIY. Cabling is all Transparent and power cords are PS Audio and Furutech.


Beautiful system and room!

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Really nice system.
Love the wood work that you have done for the room acoustics.
If you set up the speakers the way Wilson recommends that will have great results. You need two people to do this. I set up my Maxx II, and before that my Watt Puppies the same way. This takes the better part of three to four evenings plus a full day of fine tuning.
Good luck.


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Really lovely!  I notice you also use this room as a home theater, with B&W speakers.  Are those B&W subwoofers in the corners?  What other components are part of the home theater system?  And lastly what do you use for interconnect cables and power cords?


Absolutely incredible!
Nice journey to where your system is today.
I noticed the 805's
Probably the ones I will hold onto as well


..nicely done sir


Absolutely gorgeous room Salman you're room treatments are really artfully done. And a simple but fantastic system congrats!


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