New system Kharma Exquisite Grand speaker and Gryphon Pandora preamp, Mephisto Solo amp.

Room Details

Dimensions: 34’ × 17’  X large
Ceiling: 13’

Components Toggle details

    • Gryphon Pandora
    • Gryphon Mephisto Solo
    Mephisto Solo
    • dCs Scarlatti
    Transport, DAC, Upsample and Clock.
    • dCs Scarlatti
    Transport, DAC, Upsampler and Clock.
    • Thorens Reference
    • Thorens Reference
    White colour.
    • Thorens Reference
    Navi colour.
    • Thorens Reference
    Red colour.
    • Thorens Prestige
    Very Beautiful. Mechanically perfect. Impressive sounding.
    • Micro Seiki SX 8000
    Carefully and precisely manufactured. Extremely heavy, more than 176 lbs.
    • Micro Seiki RX 5000
    Carefully and precisely manufactured. Quite heavy, more than 120 lbs.
    • Micro Seiki RX-1500vg
    Rx 1500VG and Studer 807A
    • Rega Planar-25
    My first turntable
    • Micro Seiki Dual SX 8000 - RX 5000
    I have 3 Micro Seiki turntable systems: SX-8000, RX-5000, and RX-1500VG. Each of them has its own motor transport, but due to the narrow shelf, I set up the motor transport of SX-8000 for 2 turntables. No problem in operation. Good looking when both are running at the same time.
    • Studer A807
    Studer A807
    • EMT 997 Banana
    Very difficult to get it. It is priceless to me.
    • Fedelity Research Fr66s
    Rare. Acquired after 4 years’ hunting.
    • SME 3012 Series A
    Very rare.
    • Thorens TP 997
    Beautiful. Rare.
    • SME 3012R
    • Audiocraft AC400
    Audiocraft AC400
    • Audio Technica ATP 16T
    Audio Technica ATP 16T
    • Grado Signature
    Grado Signature
    • Saec We 308N
    Saec We 308N
    • Rega RB-600
    Rega RB600
    • Living Stereo Gold Limited
    Living Stereo Gold Limited. Very very very rare.
    • Ortofon SPU Gold Limited.
    Brand new. Serial No 0629. Very rare. Sound natural.
    • Ortofon SPU Meister Silver
    Brand new.
    • EMT XSD - 15
    Brand new.
    • EMT TSD - 15
    • Benz Micro L2
    Brand new.
    • Benz Micro Ruby 3
    Brand new.
    • Benz Micro LP
    Brand new.
    • Clearaudio Melody
    Brand new.
    • Clearaudio Virtuoso
    Brand new.
    • Grado Reference
    Brand new.
    • Ortofon MC-20
    Brand new.
    • Shure Mx 97
    This is the my fist one. Brand new.
    • Audio-Technica Audio Technica
    Audio Technica
    • Denon DL 103
    Brand new.
    • Audio Note Kondo M1000 Mk2
    Line and Phono Preamplifier.
    • Accuphase DG-38
    Accuphase Voicing Equalizers DG-38. This somewhat unusual term was chosen to symbolize the advanced capabilities of the DG-38. While this product is a full-fledged high-precision graphic equalizer in its own right, it also incorporates a sophisticated system for automatic sound field compensation. It divides the audible frequency range into distinct bands (voices),and lets the user choose a target response curve that is then expressed (voiced)by the unit through a process of precise measurement and adjustment steps. The result is full control over frequency response characteristics at the listening position. Through creative use of the capabilities offered by the DG-38, the scope of sound reproduction in the home environment can be significantly enhanced. Get ready to experience a new dimension of music enjoyment.
    • Accuphase DF-45
    Digital frequency dividing network. - Equipped for 4-channel (4-way) system configuration. - 59 selectable cutoff frequency points. - Highly accurate 96 dB/oct attenuation slope. - Time alignment function allows delay time setting in 1-cm steps. - Delay compensator offsets signal delays in filter circuitry.
    • Accuphase DF-35
    Digital active cross over. - Equipped for 2-channel (2-way) system configuration. - 59 selectable cutoff frequency points. - Highly accurate 96 dB/oct attenuation slope. - Time alignment function allows delay time setting in 1-cm steps.
    • Levinson No 33H
    Power-Amp ML No 33H, used for low frequencies below 71hz, with bass driver Fostex FW-800N.
    • Bass horn FW 800N
    Concrete horn construction nearly completed.
    • Loudspeaker system Speakers
    Loudspeaker system includes driver: - JBL 1500AL. - Westrex T530A. - Jim Lansing 375. - Jim Lansing 175. - Fostex T500A Mk2. - Mewon Ts001
    • Purist Digital Anniversary
    S/N 10018219
    • Audio Note Kondo KSL-LP
    7 pair
    • Tara Labs The 0.8
    Length: 7m
    • Nordost Vahalla
    Length: 1m
    • Purist Audio Anniversary
    Length: 1m. S/N 10019133
    • Audio Note Kondo KSL-SPz
    5 pair. Length: 3m.
    • Transparent Reference MM
    1 pair. Length: 2,5m.
    • Westlake Audio Westlake
    1 pair. Length: 7m.
    • Audio Note Kondo KSL-SFz
    Stepup transformer.
    • Audio Technica AT1000T
    Stepup transformer.
    • Entré ET-15
    Stepup transformer
    • Measuring. DG-38
    Measuring responce in my room.
    • Measuring the results. DG-38
    Results of sound measured in my room.
    • Loudspeaker system Goto & Ale
    - Goto SG370 with horn S400. - Ale 7550P with horn Goto S300.
    • SME 3012RG
    New. Edition No 0072.
    • SME 3012RG
    Edition No 0375.
    • SME 3012RG.
    0072 & 0375
    • ikeda IT 407
    IT 407
    • Ortofon RMG 309
    RMG 309
    • SME Series V Gold
    Series V Gold
    • Audio Note IO-M
    Moving Coil
    • Phase Tech P1
    Moving Coil
    • Ikeda 9 Musa U
    Moving Coil
    • Ikeda 9 Muasa U
    Moving Coil
    • Ortofon SPU 90th Anniversary
    Moving Coil
    • Koetsu Rosewood
    Moving Coil
    • Koetsu Onyx
    Moving Coil
    • Tara Labs The Zero Gold
    7m length
    • Nordost Odin
    1m length
    • Neumann BV27
    Step up transformer
    • Neumann BV33
    Step up transformer
    • EMT T110
    Step up transforme
    • Audio Note Kondo Kassai Silver
    300B parallel.
    • Audio Note Kondo Kassai Silver
    300B parallel
    • Audio Note Kondo Baransu
    Single-ended 300B tube. Output transformer pure silver, silver foil capacitor, silver wire wiring.
    • Audio Note Japan Souga
    Silver output transformer. All silver from input to output including handmade silver foil capacitors .
    • Audio Note Japan Souga
    Silver output transformer. All silver from input to output including handmade silver foil capacitors .
    • Jeff Rowland 9T
    Solid amp.
    • Gryphon Antileon Signature
    Brand new stereo power amp.
    • Westlake Audio TM-3UF
    Westlake Audio TM-3UF with MRX-2 active Crossover
    • Boulder 1050
    Mono power amp
    • Boulder 2050
    Mono power amp
    • MIT Oracle MA-X2HD
    Lenght: 3m
    • MIT Oracle MA-X2HD
    Length: 10m
    • Nordost Vahalla
    BNC to BNC cable. 1,5m.
    • Nordost ODIN
    Digital cable. XLR to XLR. 1.5m
    • Transparent Opus
    • Boulder 2010
    • Nordost ODIN
    • Avalon Acoustics Isis
    Isis with Boulder 1050 poweramp, 2010 preamp
    • Avalon Acoustics Isis
    My room with Isis speakers
    • Avalon Acoustics Isis
    • Avantgarde Trio Classico
    Trio Classico with Boulder 1050 poweramp

Comments 128

I enjoy looking at your photos.  At times I feel like I am viewing a dealer showroom.

Suggestion--  Consider adding some photos with you and/or guests in the shot enjoying the system and listening to music.


@ecd0317 @cuongpham   What a fantastic system and room!

Ag insider logo xs@2xzephyr24069

Hi Cuong,
How would you compare the boulder 2050 or latest with the Grphon Mephisto solos?
Thanks a heap!

Ag insider logo xs@2xsthekepat

Hi CuongPham,

I really like your system it is amazing.
I have followed you many years.
Now i will be at the 2019 Thailand Triode Fest at Chiang May.
Ans i will be very happy if you agree to visit you.
I will be showing the Great Plains Audio speakers at Thailand.
I will be in Vietnam on the 21 and will stay for 5 days.

Best regards and Congratulations for your system.



I always enjoy seeing photos of your system and the changes that you make.  How many hours per week would you say that you listen to your system?  On average.


Hi Cung, i hate to say this but Most of the funds came from money embazelment or you somehow are related to some form of government.   I feel sad that most part of Vietnam people are dying of hunger and people like yourself can manage to evy that kind of money to own something like this.   You should be shameful to take money from your people to fund your hobby.   How can you manage to sleep at night knowing that most of the money belong to your people.  Shame on you!


are you really listening to all these equipments or just showing off your money


Impressive!  How do you compare the Gryphon Mephisto Solo with the Boulder 2050? 

Thank you in advance.


Wow!!! Audiophile Envy has definitely set in :-) ! What a beautiful room and outstanding system! In what part of the world does this amazing system live?

Ag insider logo xs@2xzephyr24069

Wow, very impressive. I see you are a vinyl lover. It must sound wonderful. Great job!


Hi Cuong!
I admire and respect what you've done... Outstanding. It must have taken years of serious listening and tastes to evolve.
Tell me, what is your experience comparing your Studer to your vinyl?
Good 15ips master dubs almost always outperform vinyl but I find vinyl has a richness and texture (in my system on certain pressings) that tape lacks.
I'd love to know your take, as I believe your system is more resolving and well balanced than mine, and I trust your ears.


Hello anh Cuong,

Your system is top. It is typical from Viet spirit to get the best! I wish one od these day, I can listen to such a system.


Duong Phan (CA)


Wow, in a good way


How can something called "Grand Exquisite" not be the destination? :^)


Wonderful setup but you need to buy more stuff!!


So is the Grand Exquisite your destination speaker? Can you describe what it does in comparison to your previous speakers?


All I can say is "WOW!" you seem to have hit the audiophile lottery in terms of gear to listen to and try in various combinations; the room itself is also awe-inspiring. Many of us are no doubt jealous :-) !!! What changes have you made as of late?

Ag insider logo xs@2xzephyr24069

Incredible system!! How do you compare the Gryphon Pandora preamp with the Boulder 2010 preamp?

Thank you.


One would have oodles of fun in that room with the various systems ;-)


Incredible system! Congratulations and enjoy!


What an incredible system you have. I am curious about the many SPU cartridges you own. How does the Meister Silver compare to the others?


...and one with a pair of omnis.... :)

4 rooms with horns in one, planars in another, omnis in another, and soemthing more conventional in the 4th would be my ideal. I have the rooms but only omnis + more conventional monitor type speakers currently. Have had planars in the past, but not the right room. Horns someday maybe if I ever get the right room.


You're almost there. Now you just need a room with some planar speakers. :-) Happy Listening!


Let me take that back. It is a different room.


I thing it's the same room, and the horn is covered by a wall panel?


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