Room Details

Dimensions: 25’ × 16’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Michell Engineering Orbe SE mkII
    • Origin Live Enterprise
    tonearm, dual pivot design
    • Ortofon Cadenza black
    MC cartridge
    • Luxman EQ-500
    MC/MM phono pre-amp
    • Crystal Cable Dreamline Plus XLR
    interconnect between phono preamp and line stage
    • Marantz SA 10
    SACD player
    • Siltech Crown Princess 35 Year Anniversary
    XLR interconnect between CD player and linestage
    • Aesthetix Calypso Eclipse
    LIne stage
    • Crystal Cable Reference Diamond
    single-ended interconnect, between Aesthetix linestage and Wyetech monoblocks
    • Wyetech Labs Sapphire plus
    300b Monoblocks, updated with teflon sockets, caps, EML tubes etc.
    • Siltech Royal Signature Prince
    speaker cables
    • Verity Audio Otello
    speakers, in Zebrano finish (not the depicted white ones.

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Nice. Can you post a photo of your system?


Nice gear!


Very cool system but more pics please!


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