7.2.4 Surround System with LG OLED TV.  Magnepan 1.7i front with KEF for everything else.  Very, very happy with my choices.

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    • Parasound A31
    3-Channel amplifier to run front (right, Left) and center speakers.  250 watts x 3 @ 8ohm, 400 watts x 3 @ 4 ohm.  Magnepans are 4 ohm speakers
    • LG Electronics OLED65E8P
    This is a great TV, but I hate the glass piece on the bottom front.  It reflects the light and I really wish I would have bought the C8P instead!
    • Acurus M8
    8-Channel amplifier to run 4 rear speakers and 4 Atmos speakers.  160 watts X 8
    • Acurus Act 4-20
    Surround Processor
    • Magnepan 1.7i
    • SVS SB-16Ultra
    16" powered subwoofers.  I really like these subs.  They are extremely fast and musical and go very very deep.
    • Bluesound Vault 2i
    CD burner, network audio player
    • Parasound XRM
    Phono preamp
    • Parasound ZDAC v2
    Nice little headphone amplifier/DAC
    • Marantz TT-15
    Marantz turntable with Clearaudio cartridge.  All stock
    • KEF Q950
    Tower speakers for rear-side right and left
    • KEF R2c
    Center speaker
    • KEF Q50a
    Dolby Atmos speakers for 4 overhead channels
    • KEF T101
    KEF speakers with Velodyne Impact subwoofer for rear channels

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Very cool system, glad to find someone that has HT with Magnepans mixed with another speaker and has found one that matches well - will pass this on to my brother who has been vexed by this problem.  Beautiful deck and view also!


That is a really good-looking system.  

I've had my 1.7i's for about half a year.  If you can put them on Mye stands or Sound Anchors, it might focus your imaging even more - especially for two-channel.  If you heard a difference when upgrading the tweeter jumper cable, you will probably notice better stands.

Thanks for including that detail about the LG OLED.  I have a Pioneer Kuro, and will eventually be getting a new flat panel display myself.

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You could occasionally swap out the KEF speakers for the Maggies as an alternative experience in 2 channel listening. If I had that capable of rear "surrounds" I certainly would!


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