7.2.4 Surround System with LG OLED TV.  Magnepan 3.7i front with KEF for everything else.  Very, very happy with my choices.  All cables are Audio Quest and StraightWire.  Audio Quest Niagara 1000, Richard Gray, Dedicated 20 amp circuit for the system.  Crestron remote control is here but not programmed yet.

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    • Parasound A31
    3-Channel amplifier to run front (right, Left) and center speakers.  250 watts x 3 @ 8ohm, 400 watts x 3 @ 4 ohm.  Magnepans are 4 ohm speakers
    • LG Electronics OLED65E8P
    This is a great TV, but I hate the glass piece on the bottom front.  It reflects the light and I really wish I would have bought the C8P instead!
    • Acurus M8
    8-Channel amplifier to run 4 rear speakers and 4 Atmos speakers.  160 watts X 8
    • Acurus Act 4-20
    Surround Processor
    • SVS SB-16Ultra
    16" powered subwoofers.  I really like these subs.  They are extremely fast and musical and go very very deep.
    • Bluesound Vault 2i
    CD burner, network audio player
    • Parasound XRM
    Phono preamp
    • Parasound ZDAC v2
    Nice little headphone amplifier/DAC
    • Marantz TT-15
    Marantz turntable with Clearaudio cartridge.  All stock
    • KEF Q950
    Tower speakers for rear-side right and left
    • KEF R2c
    Center speaker
    • KEF Q50a
    Dolby Atmos speakers for 4 overhead channels
    • KEF T101
    KEF speakers with Velodyne Impact subwoofer for rear channels
    • Magnepan 3.7i
    Just upgraded to the Magnepan 3.7i speakers and couldn't be happier!  Incredible sound and staging from this very large speaker system.

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A beautiful room and system.
Happy Listening!


Man o man!  I just can’t believe how good my system works with the new Magnepans!  Every last detail with music and movies is more alive and detailed.  In fact, I have the center speaker turned off most of the time with the Maggies creating the center speaker channel along with left and right for movies and it sounds great.  I plan to sell the A31 and purchase the JC5 Parasound and we’ll see what happens.  Thanks for looking.


I am interested in “jumpier” for Magnepan 3.7! I have the same speakers and using Audioquest “Aspen” cables now. Do like like using those jumpers and did Audioquest make them for you? 


Very cool system, glad to find someone that has HT with Magnepans mixed with another speaker and has found one that matches well - will pass this on to my brother who has been vexed by this problem.  Beautiful deck and view also!


That is a really good-looking system.  

I've had my 1.7i's for about half a year.  If you can put them on Mye stands or Sound Anchors, it might focus your imaging even more - especially for two-channel.  If you heard a difference when upgrading the tweeter jumper cable, you will probably notice better stands.

Thanks for including that detail about the LG OLED.  I have a Pioneer Kuro, and will eventually be getting a new flat panel display myself.

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You could occasionally swap out the KEF speakers for the Maggies as an alternative experience in 2 channel listening. If I had that capable of rear "surrounds" I certainly would!


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