This is my current setup for my new listening area. It’s not the fanciest nor most expensive system, but it sounds awfully good to me.

I use Schmitt Cables for my interconnects and Speakers. The interconnects are made with vintage Western Electric Wite and everything is had made. I love this set up whether I’m playing Jazz, or rocking out to Black Sabbath!

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    • JL Audio Dominion D108
    • GoldenEar Technology Triton Five
    • Integra CD Player
    • Pro-Ject Debut Carbon
    • Parasound P-5
    • Parasound Halo A-21

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Nice components and system; refreshing to me for being a quality real world system without going to weird extremes.  I admire the over-the-top systems too but can't really relate to cable lifters, "quantum tunneling", etc


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