12-watt tube integrated from Hong Kong with high efficient speakers from Connecticut. Slowly stopped tube rolling with focus on exploring new music through the Node 2i. Future includes room treatments and placement of the Kingko and Node. Following the golden rule of K.I.S.S.

Inspiration from migueca and his second system, which can be found here on Audiogon! 

Room Details

Dimensions: 14’ × 16’  Medium
Ceiling: 15’

Components Toggle details

    • Bluesound Node 2i
    Connected with Signal Cable.
    • Omega 3 XRS
    2nd hand through eBay. Incredible wall of sound that matches well with the Kingko.
    • Kingko KA-101
    Direct from Hong Kong. New US Distributor, Vinyl Valet, out of AZ. Selected vintage tubes through eBay.

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Migueca, that’s the smooth black plate RCA 5U4G with round mica at top and lower d getter. I prefer the 5U4G over 5AR4 and 5U4GB due to sounding richer IMO. Totally agree with room treatments. They’re a small expense for a big payout. Again, thank you for the inspiration!

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I'm glad you're happy following my suggestion. And I see you have some acoustic treatment in your listening room - according to King Ip, the owner/designer of Kingko Audio (a great friend of mine), room acoustics are far more important than the equipment itself. I learned, in his small shop in Hong Kong, that a modest setup will sound much much better in a properly treated room, than a high end setup in a bad room. 
By the way, which tube is that that you're using as rectifier (the "bottle" one)?


@ schubert, but at least we’re fools together having fun while we can, right!?

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Thanks a bunch, aniwolfe. I would love to hear those M3s some day!!!

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You make most of us look like what we are , fools .


Love it! Tastefully done


Greatly appreciated, b_limo! Definitely trying the “less is more” approach on this one!!!

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Awesome set-up Dude.  Thats really, really cool.  One of my favorite simple set-ups.  Well Done 👍


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