I started putting together this room about 11 years ago. The room started out as Home Theater with Classe Delta electronics and B&W 700s series speakers. Since then, I have gone through three major upgrades and what you see now it’s my attempt to enjoy that lush, warm and organic sound synonymous with some of the finest tube and solid state components. 

My end goal always been to put together a system that allows you to forget about the components and let’s you completely immersed into music. I believe, it’s not so much about a single component, big or wide sound stage or I’m blown away by that one upgrade.....when 
you have the music on, it’s more like being at a live acoustic event in the comfort of your own space. 

About a year ago, I started looking into Tannoy Canterbury GR’s. There was something about that dual concentric design that grab my attention like no other speaker.  It’s quite easy to 
understand the major advantage of the dual concentric design, the low and high frequency sound radiation is generated on the same axes – both the vertical and horizontal axis and all the others in between – sending out a single integrated wavefront of multiple waves instead of waves from multiple locations (as pretty common with speakers with multiple drivers). The high 
frequency driver mounted in the middle of the center pole of the bass driver is an exponential 
horn, perfectly capable of rendering natural detail with excellent pace, rhythm and timing. The midrange and treble literally “feels” like it’s embedded within the bass. There isn’t anything artificial about the Canterbury’s......the unmistakable combination of detail, warmth, depth and power is nothing short of a very musical tour de force. 

The components are housed in a exquisite and solidly built Core Audio Designs PlyKraft racks, hand built from gorgeous African Bubinga wood. Not only they provide solid foundation (and isolation), they also look spectacular. The mono amps are on Core Audio Designs isoPLAT CLD v4 platforms. 

One may notice bunch of tweaks throughout my rig. Over the years, I’ve tried many tweaks, some worked out and some didn’t. The one’s stayed in my rig made an noticeable improvements in my system. 

System Edited***Aug 2019
Added room treatments from GIK Acoustics. 

System Edited***March 2019
Added Leben Preamp

System Edited***Nov 2018
Tannoy Canterbury’s 

System Edited***Oct 2018
EMM Labs DA2
Marantz SA-11S2
Audio Space Reference 3 (805) Mono’s. 

Room Details

Dimensions: 15’ × 30’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • GIK Acoustics 242
    4” panels to treat early reflections, worked out perfectly for my angled ceiling.
    • GIK Acoustics 244
    Bass Trap panels with FlaxRange Technology on the rear wall. The wall behind listening position is responsible for large peaks and nulls, not only in the low end but in the mid and upper frequency range. Unlike corners, the back wall is a single boundary that requires different type of treatments. 

    I went with 5.25” thick panels (burgundy) that helped with smooth and tight bass response across the room. In addition, the diffusion panels were added to preserve the ambiance of the room and enhance low frequency absorption. 
    • GIK Acoustics gobo
    Free standing Acoustic Panels (gobo). Since my room has 3 physical walls, I knew I had to treat the ‘open’ wall space to stop the bleeding. After speaking to James at GIK, he recommended floor standing panels that addresses the reflections.  

    I am more than pleased with these panels. Not only they look good but they tremendously improved the imaging, depth and detail of overall soundstage. 

    • GIK Acoustics Impression Series
    4" Impression Series Bass Trap Diffuser/Absorber with Palomar Narrow pattern.  Four narrow panel in 11.5”w behind and in-between the speakers. Pics coming soon. 
    • Tannoy Canterbury GR
    I dreamed of owning Tannoy’s Canterbury’s for longest time...well they are here. I have the good fortune to own these wonderfully amazing speakers. For past eight months, I have been bowled over by their detailed, warm and dynamic sound. That 15” woofer can produce bass that’s so tight and integrated from an 8 watt SET amp...WOW!!!

    The luscious tonality from my SET amps are to die for.  I always been a sucker for speakers that are made from rich wood veneers and Canterbury’s don’t disappoint at all. The expertly crafted wood work with classy gold metal work is all very exquisite. 
    • Tannoy ST-300Mg
    The  ST-300Mg SuperTweeter has been developed to bring the benefits of truly WideBand frequency response to Prestige GR loudspeakers.  The ST-300Mg extends the high frequency capability of the complete loudspeaker system to over 62 kHz with useable HF output up to 100 kHz. 
    • REL Acoustics Carbon Limited Edition
    Fabulous companion to my Tannoy’s. Now that I have heard them in my system, I can’t imagine my system without the REL’s. They are simply superb in producing low and mid level bass definition ....none of the ‘boomy’ or overwhelming bass that’s so hard to overcome with other subs. 

    I was torn between the 212/SE and Carbon Limited, many thanks to John at Audio Salon in providing the solid advice.  

    My favorite demo track, Why so Serious from Dark Knight Soundtrack. 
    • Audio Space Reference 3 (805)
    • Leben Hi-Fi Stereo Co. RS-100U
    What do we have here folks....the Hyodo San’s Masterpiece!!! Every piece is hand crafted and only few made each year.  

    How good is RS-100U, well it took only few hours to realize how amazingly musically engaging this little ‘giant’. The sound is effortless, harmonically rich, transparent and very wide bandwidth...very impressive Mr. Hyodo San, very impressive indeed. 
    • Marantz SA-11s2
    The sound is warm, relaxed and very musical. I am glad to own this gorgeous player, the SQ is far better than the previously owned Krell Cipher and Oppo UDP-205.
    • Raysonic CD-128
    WOW!!! What a bargain in the high end audio. This players is the biggest reason I am continue to buy and spin CD’s. 

    The two upgrades, NOS Telefunken 6922’s tubes and HiFi Tuning Cu fuse took performance to another level. 

    The internal DAC is superb, there is nothing ‘digital’ about this player. The sound is very organic, precise and fuller. 
    • EMM Labs DA2
    I’m done with DAC’s. This one seal the deal for me....Exceptional detail, musicality, warmth, deep and wide’s all here in spades. Voices conveyed with utmost ‘you are there’ faithfulness. 
    • Aurender N10
    The best streamer I’ve owned since upgrading from N100H. The N10 throws a soundstage that is open, airy and transparent. Adding a HiFi Tuning Cu with Cardas copper wire turned out to be a worthy upgrade. I end up preferring the slight shift in the sound that’s bit more organic with added warmth. 

    The N10 is been my rock for last five years. There isn’t anything else I care to own. How’s that for reliability and top notch sound. I couldn’t have asked for better companion in DA2.  

    The cables in use are, 
    a) ACROLINK 7N-D5000 - AES/EBU
    b) Kimber KS-2426 Hybrid - USB
    c) JCAT Signature - Ethernet
    d) SOtM dCBL CAT7 - Ethernet
    • Nordost QX-4
    • Nordost QBASE QB8
    • Nordost QBase QB4
    • Nordost QKORE 6
    • Nordost QRT QV2 & QK1
    • Core Audio Designs plyKraft 3L African Bubinga
    • Core Audio Designs isoPlat CLD v.4
    • Cardas Audio Multi Block Cable Lifters
    Oregon Douglas Fir with 5 ‘V’ cuts that are designed to provide multiple options. They were the easy pick for me....

    1. They can accommodate two parallel runs 
    2. Multiple V groves allows various configurations 
    3. Clean appearance and space savers due to very small foot print. 

    • Audio Exklusiv Silent RCA Plugs
    I stumbled upon these couple of years ago. I was skeptical to try these but our never quest for high fidelity leads us into trying stuff that sometimes borderline voodoo! 

    From experience we all know effective vibration control just as important as speaker placement and clean power supply. Since I am already using RCA caps to prevent the EMI/RF interferences entering my system, I thought why not give these RCA plugs give it a try.

    After reading few articles, they were designed to control vibration and resonance on the circuit board. They look like any other RCA plugs except that center pin is made of some kind of dense, nonconducting felt. The rest of the plug is metal covered with soft black material. 

    Well, let’s insert them and see what happens. I let them stay in my system for 50 hours. During A/B test, I heard quieter background, the music sounded bit more lively and less colored. Whatever they were doing, I was beginning to appreciate the subtle but noticeable differences in sound. I see no reason to remove them so they stayed in my system. 
    • Finite Elemente Cerabase Slimline Isolation Feet
    Cera technology is based on direct coupling for effective transfer of sound-interfering resonances. Fast resonance transfer is provided by ultra-hardened high-tech ceramic balls. When combined with precision-machined stainless steel, the optimum balance between damping and deflection is achieved. The resulting vacuum effect draws off unwanted resonance directly where it evolves. The clear advantage: No resonance buildup, no overdamping, no loss of deflection. 
    • Telos Audio Design RCA Caps
    Telos ‘Gold’ RCA and XLR caps...shield against RFI, EMI, dust and corrosion.  I found them to be very effective in lowering the noise floor with Teflon insulation. 

    Now who would have thought that covering unused RCA inputs can impact the sound character of your system. The gold caps in comparison to platinum caps presented vocals in a more forward manner, but with a touch of warmth and smoothness. High frequencies also were more extended but to a lesser degree compared to the platinum caps. Bass notes gained both substance and extension, something which the platinum caps did not really do. Micro-detail was not as good as the platinum caps the end of the day, I end up preferring the gold caps over platinum one’s. 

    Telos caps are made of copper and then plated in either gold. Fit and finish is excellent unlike many other cheaply made caps. 
    • Shunyata Research Dark Field Mini
    SR DF Mini Cable simply works as advertised. They have been ideal in keeping power cords away from signal cables. 
    • Furutech Flow-28
    The Furutech Flow-28 Inline Power Filter effective removes all of that high-frequency noise from the mains power before it reaches your components—all without robbing your system of the high frequencies that are responsible for that airy, 3-D sound that’s so natural and lifelike. Dynamic contrasts, you’ll discover, are unaffected as well. 

    Both REL subs are powered through Flow-28. 
    • Kimber Kable KS-2426 HB
    This cable won me over immediately with its uncanny ability to extract more detail especially in the top end. The solid core copper and silver conductors captures more music with best possible accuracy of the instruments....silky smooth vocals are well defined and placed nicely between instruments.  

    Listen in your system, this one is a keeper. 
    • Acrolink 7N-D5000
    • JCAT Signature LAN Cable
    This is a beautiful sounding cable. IMO, cables combing the silver and gold alloy conductors offers the best with digital components. The silver with gold alloy mix is like having best of both worlds. With gold in the mix, you get the high resolution without harshness usually associated with silver conductor. Gold brings the natural tone, full bodied texture and precise soundstage.
    • SOtM dCBL CAT7
    • Standard Sound Improvement Disc SID

    Standard Sound Improvement Disc 

    The Sound Improvement Disc is designed to reduce laser read errors from optical disc. By increasing disc stability and reducing laser refraction, the SID greatly reduces the amount of error correction necessary to convert the digital bitstream back into its original analog form. 

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Your set-up is awesome!  I’ve wanted to hear those speakers for awhile now but never have.  I got to at least see them this year at RMAF but they were only on display unfortunately.  

I bet your set-up sounds amazing.  You get my jealous award :-)


Thank you all for visiting my system. Last couple of years been nothing short of amazing in my journey to audio nirvana. I am quite pleased with the sound and choice of my gear.


@lalitk Absolutely gorgeous system! Love those Tannoys and that Leben preamp is the definition of audio porn. I can only imagine how great it sounds and love your total attention to detail. Thanks for sharing!


Golden Reference Canterburys doesn't get much better than that in my book enjoy happy listening!


Gorgeous setup! I have listened to a few tube amplifiers and have loved the sound. No coloration, no additives, no components, just pure music.


What an amazing room and system you have put together.  I am sure you are all smiles when listening to this wonderful system.


A beautiful room and system!  Happy Listening!


Beautiful set up!
I would love to audition some Tannoy speakers someday. 


Neat system! Love those mondo Tannoys!


I have never seen anyone do subwoofers with big Tannoys. Why not? Kudos on creativity!


Thanks milpai. GIK panels were great addition to my room.  The improvements they brought were far from subtle. I am quite happy with current selection of components and sound of my system. The Marantz being used for SACD playback only, analog out to the preamp.


Nice room Lalit. Looks like components have been chosen over a period of time. I am sure, with the GIK panels and the components hand picked,  the music must sound amazing. Wondering if you are using the Marants SACD player only as a transport into the EMM Lab DAC?


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