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    • Martin Logan Summit X's
    • PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Preamp
    • PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Power Amps
    • Thorens TD 160 Super w. Ortofon 2M Mono
    • Bottlehead Eros Phono pre
    • VPI Industries Prime w. Ortofon A95
    • Cambridge Audio Azur 752BD Disc Player
    • Mytek Liberty DAC
    • Bottlehead Crack w. Speedball Headphone amp
    • Sennheiser 650 Headphones
    • PS Audio P12 Power Regenerato
    • TimberNation Custom Rack

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Hello mjcmt,

I know that Mystere is a sister company with much or all of the same technology. I can only say that I am very pleased with the PrimaLuna components. I believe that most other components with similar performance might cost 2 or 3 times as much.


So very nice. I've wondered how good PrimaLuna gets as you move up the product line like you have, even their higher profile integrated. I have a basic EL34 tube integrated amp that is running in Pentode mode from their sister company Mystere, also in the Netherlands. It sounds very nice, has fantastic build, and uses their Adaptive Auto Bias circuitry.


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