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    The veneer on the Garrard is 1.8mm (three times thicker than most) Cocobolo. When the sheet came in to Russ Collinson, he told me had never seen such a nice sheet of Cocobolo and he suggested a thicker than normal application which would by necessity involve going old-school with clamps and glue rather than the more common vacuum bag process. I recently inquired about a new plinth for my Thorens and Russ mentioned he still had enough of that same sheet to do a second plinth. This one will have the same overall dimensions but will have a floating top on sorbothane balls to accommodate the principles that Thorens' designers had in mind when the drive system was manufactured.


    Beautiful system, congratulations.  Bet it sounds great - especially those O/93’s.


    Greetings - that is a Thorens TD124 on the left, yes? If so, what platter are you using?


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    Sorry-all this time and I did not notice the questions. 
    Yes, the plinth for my 301 is cocobolo. 
    There is a great story behind it. 
    Russ Collinson was having a hard time sourcing cocobolo (even worse now). 
    He came upon a striking piece that was much thicker than he was used to. 
    He decided not to plane it down and instead install it using a new technique-manual clamps rather than vacuum sealing. 
    He has a video on his website documenting the build of MY plinth. 
    Perhaps my proudest moment came when Brian Walsh of, a man who has seen his share of exotic turntables, called my Garrard "museum quality". 


    Absolutely stunning, a credit to you indeed.
    I am slobbering over the 301 plinth ( well not ACTUAL slobbering as that would detract from the finish somewhat but I hope you get my drift)
    Very neat clean and good looking setup, really like the acoustic treatments, almost hardly notice them as they blend in so well.
    Now put that rug back! lol.


    fsonic, what is that gorgeous wood on the 301 on r/h side of your rack? I don't think I've ever seen any prettier wood anywhere  Beautiful

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    Wow!  What a beautiful room and wonderful equipment.  I can imagine it sounds wonderful.  Pity if you ditch the great looking rug.  If you find the right ratio of rug vs floor, it should be easy to fold during serious listening sessions.
    Great job.




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