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    • California Audio Technology MBX 12" subwoofers
    • Polk Audio SRT
    • Parasound Halo C-1
    • California Audio Technology 8x8 DSP x2
    • California Audio Technology 250.7 amplifier
    • California Audio Technology MBX center
    • California Audio Technology Fd Xpr 600.2

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I owned the Polk SRT system many years ago. Can’t remember exactly but I bought the whole system either from The Good Guys or Circuit City in SoCal. Before that I had the RT 5000p cinema system. The SRT sounds great and I always loved the integration of that center channel with the left right channels.

Nice system NY Nick.


Alway nice to see a great system. It's often too bad the rooms is undersize to accommodate it adequately. I'll still better movies and sporting events are a pleasure to experience.


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