Belles 250i - purchased used
Oppo BD-93 - purchased used
Magnepan MMGi - purchased new - up for sale
Bluesound Node2 - purchased used
Peachtree Audio DaciT -.purchased used 
A sub $3k setup that is astounding.  Articulate as all hell. Belles is amazing - can’t say enough about it. 
Thiel CS2.4 Loudspeakers - purchased used. 

Room Details

Dimensions: 24’ × 14’  Large
Ceiling: 17’

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    • Belles 250i Integrated Amplifier
    Purchased used from fellow member mid-July 2019. Hybrid integrated, solid state power, tubed preamplifier. Info on this model is pretty much non existent from any source.  I’m guesstimating 150 watts per channel @ 8ohms based on the little I could find.  This is one of the best integrateds I’ve owned, one of the best amps, even.  IMHO very similar to the Pass Labs X150.5 I owned. Excellent.
    • Magnepan MMGi
    Bought new, or at least new old stock from fellow member. Unopened, factory sealed box, unregistered. Great speakers. 50Hz on the bottom end. These will be sold only if I’m able to locate a pair of Thiel 2.3, 2.4, or 3.5. Thiels are Maggies with mo’ bass.
    • OPPO BD-93
    Noice. Sounds fine, perhaps a bit on the bright side but I prefer that anyway.
    • Bluesound Node2
    Had one before. Sold it off for a Vault2. Excellent product.
    • Peachtree Audio DacIT
    Cheap seats DAC from Peachtree.  I’ve owned three of their Deepblue portable loudspeakers and they kick ass. Also had one of their integrateds a while. Good stuff all around.

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A nice, clean looking system William.
I can hardly await to see a sweet pair of Thiel Audio loudspeakers next.

Happy Listening!


Oblgny great deal on that Salamnder for $150! I used to have one of their basic open frame archetype racks but the wobbliness finally drove me crazy. That looks like a much nicer alternative!


thosb...I made an offer on those 2.3’s and they rejected it. I rejected their counter offer.  A work in progress.  This system sounds fine - as good as the “greatest” I thought I had with the Pass Labs X150.5 and an ARC tubed pre.  Maggies and Thiel are my faves - the only thing that would have me sell off these MMG’s would be getting 2.3’s or 2.4’s.  Both depend on the sales of my ARC DSi200 integrated.  

jond...That Salamander cabinet was the “audio steal” of my life. $150!  


btw TMR has a pair of 2.3s right now.  You're making me think I should consider a Belles for mine.


Color me impressed, you've built a nice looking and I imagine great sounding system for not much $$$!  I have yet to find a Belles owner who doesn't love their amp, fun to see it paired with Maggies.


Cool you got your Belles congrats! And as much as I liked your previous drawing the pic is even better. Very clean elegant system and I really like your cabinet.


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