My newly configured system for the new sun room.   I moved the Linn electronics from my office and bought a new pair of classic LS50 speakers (they look awesome in white here).

Despite the higher than normal speaker placement and no room for floor stands, which I initially worried about, the system sounds great and fills the room beautifully!  Several audiophile friends have given their seal of approval after hearing it.

Absolutely love the Linn / KEF combination!  What's not to love, especially as one of three Linn systems?

Room Details

Dimensions: 19’ × 19’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

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    • Linn LK140 Amplifier
    • Linn Kolektor Pre-Amplifier
    • KEF LS50 Speakers
    • Dealer High Purity Copper Cables
    • Apple iPhone 6P w/ Apple Lightning Dock

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I'm not sure how you connect your iphone dock to your linn. There must be a dac in the mix that's not listed or shown in the photo.


Yes your room is quite inviting, not being overrun by electronics, yet w/ high fidelity sound. I'm a bit envious of the simplicity.

I don't own Linn now but had the Majik integrated, Klout and Karik III


Very nice simplicity for tunes while entertaining and just hanging out.

Thanks for sharing about the partnership between Linn and KEF. I'm a fan of that era Linn gear.