My newly configured system for the new sun room.   I moved the Linn electronics from my office and bought a new pair of classic LS50 speakers (they look awesome in white here).

Despite the higher than normal speaker placement and no room for floor stands, which I initially worried about, the system sounds great and fills the room beautifully!  Several audiophile friends have given their seal of approval after hearing it.

Absolutely love the Linn / KEF combination!  What's not to love, especially as one of three Linn systems?

Room Details

Dimensions: 19’ × 19’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Linn LK140 Amplifier
    • Linn Kolektor Pre-Amplifier
    • KEF LS50 Speakers
    • Dealer High Purity Copper Cables
    • Apple iPhone 6P w/ Apple Lightning Dock

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Looks like you found most of my Linn systems.  I have one other (LK85 / Kolektor / B&O RL 60 speakers but never posted photo's because the electronics are in the cabinet you love and the speakers hang on the wall in the library.

Yes, we wanted something simple for the new sun room we built last year....again, with the focus on the music and not the gear.  We love it and listen all the time as we now live in the new space.

I totally hear you on the vinyl thing.  I had thousands of LP's where I only loved 2-3 songs.  Like you, I am much happier with streaming and having access to anything I want or want to discover.

I cherry pick everything now and make killer playlists, all for our tastes.  For $9.95 / month, I have my entire music world no matter where I am.

DEFINITELY hook up that old iPad and stream away!!!


Hi MJ:

Pretty simple stuff.  Just buy an iPhone lightning dock ($39.00) from Apple or wherever and plug it in using a mini to rca cable (you can buy one very cheap - under $10 on Amazon) into any open input on your electronics.  And of course, plug in the power cord. 

The DAC is inside the iPhone.  And is sounds great as other audiophile friends have witnessed themselves.  Plus the phone is always charged.

I did a similar thing at a high end dealer in Boston once and he told me i was depressing him, given how good it joke!

Here's a product link:

If like me, you have older Apple devices with 30 pin connectors, you can find new but discontinued Apple Universal Docks on eBay, which include a remote to boot.  I have 5 of them for systems all around the house.

Would not live without any of these....highly recommended!


Hi MJ,

I have always loved small and simple....hence my attraction to Linn, having been an LP12 owner, dating back to 1982...had 3 between then and 2016, when I aborted vinyl 100%. 

Today, simplicity is a hot trend in audio as many dealers tell me stories of guys trading in multiple boxes for one box solutions, wanting smaller sized speakers and just pairing down their system (s) in general.  It's not everyone, but there are certainly some segments of audiophiles doing so, especially as they age and downsize their living spaces.  Also true of apartment dwellers and young folks new to the hobby, among others.
Hence, the popularity of lifestyle components as the Linn Selekt and Naim Atom, etc.  Just add speakers and you're golden.

I also got tired of housing thousands of LP's and them being a visible part of our living spaces.  Moreover, I was warehousing all these records and only liking a few songs on each one. Just made no sense to me anymore, Streaming and custom playlists are so much better for I have about 30,000 cherry picked tunes in my digital library so I never hear a dud for my personal tastes.....but I get that it's not for everyone, which is fine too.


Thanks MJ....

Exactly, I wanted a simple system for entertaining and hanging out in our new room.

I love the small size and great sound of this era  Linn gear.  Do you own any?