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Dimensions: 20’ × 13’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Aerial Acoustics Aerial Acoustics 8
    beautiful rosewood full range speakers, which replaced and surpassed my Vandersteen 2Ce Signatures
    • Rhythmik Audio F12SE
    sealed subwoofer
    • MoFi MoFi UltraDeck + MasterTracker cartridge
    Finally found a good TT/cart.  I retroactively dislike all the turntables I've had in the past (not that many).
    • Parasound Zphono phono preamp w/ USB digital interface
    play and digitize vinyl
    • Schitt Audio Bifrost Multibit Gen 5 DAC
    Inputs from laptop (USB), CD transport (digi coax), & Apple TV (optical)
    • Apple Macbook Air w/ Audivarna Plus
    USB output to Bifrost DAC
    • Schiit Audio Valhalla 2 tube headphone amp
    • OPPO BDP-103
    player for SACD, BluRay, hi res downloads
    • Onkyo C7030 CD transport
    Transport into the Bifrost DAC
    • Vincent SP-331 power amp
    150W/ch.  Hybrid tube/SS.
    • Vincent SA-31MK preamp
    Hybrid tube/SS
    • Apple TV
    optical output to Bifrost DAC
    • Infinity P162
    Just one, in the rear of room.  Wired to the two POSITIVE amp outputs to extract the difference signal, á la Hafler, and Brian Eno, adds space nicely
    • Lovan audio rack
    For turntable, DAC, headamp, pre and power amps, CD transport, and Furman power conditioner underneath.
    DIY pine boxes for phono pre, oppo player, cassette deck, and Apple tv.
    • Room. DIY treatments

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Thanks!  I spend increasing amounts of time there.


Looks like a fun room to sit back and enjoy the music. Thanks for posting.


not bothering to list cables.  May write up headphone setups later.


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