Need to spend some time in this room and listen!  My 'extra' systems are actually nicer than my main systems because I listen all the time and don't want to over-use the good stuff!  Yes I know that's slightly crazy.  Also notice -- No TV!

BTW, I listen to jazz about 95% of the time nowadays.  Mostly acoustic piano jazz, sometimes with a horn or two.  I throw in some rock, new wave, and even classical now and then.  Though I have two TTs I'm almost always digital now.  For the most part, give me a piano, a standup bass, a drum set and maybe a trumpet or two and I'm a happy man.  Oh yeah and of course a suitable beverage for a jazz club. 

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Dimensions: 25’ × 15’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

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    Thanks guys.  Several of my components were purchased second-hand so the overall expense isn't really crazy by high-end standards.  Additionally, well-selected pieces from manufacturers like McIntosh and Accuphase hold their value well so when it comes time to re-sell you'll find that the overall cost of ownership can be surprisingly moderate.  Everything you see was purchased within the past two years because I only got back into audio in July 2017.  Except the Zenith--I've had that for years.


    Awesome system dude, something this retired fixed income Vet can only dream about.


    Wow! Love it all...including the absence of a TV!  It must sound like “earphoria.” Thank you for sharing Archguy.

    Kindest regards,



    I tried that and could only see some items and you have a lot of stuff in your photos. What speakers are those, that silver amp, the tube amp? How is the surround processor and tube amp use in your system? Thanks


    Hover over the photos.  All the model numbers are there.
    I'll be adding more later. Thanks for your interest.


    It would be nice if you could fill in the component list w/ model numbers for those of us who are interested.


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