Room Treatment
5/2016 - New room treatment with absorption for main room modes and lots of diffusion. Now working on improving lateral first reflection room treament. 
Results tested with my ears and with Earthworks M30/Roland Quadcapture/REW. 

Performed several mods to the Dunlavy SC-VI speakers: 

(A) External crossovers with original circuit topology:
     (i) upgraded caps and inductors to Duelund CAST copper for the main path,
     (ii) all resistors to Path Audio (sound better than Duelund cast in my crossover),
     (iii) Duelund RS caps for the secondary path and
     (iv) Duelund cast/Mylar for the 220uf in the secondary path,
     (v) Duelund cast silver bypass caps for high and mid CAST copper caps,
     (vi) Changed binding posts to Furutech FT-806R.
     (vii) Kept the two original crossovers for reference, and
     (viii) Final form of external enclosure and vibration control completed in 2017.
     (viii) Put the crossovers on top of two Finite Elemente Pagode Master Reference Mk.II

(B) changed the tweeters to top of the line Seas Crescendo (listened and measured frequency response and impulse response - great improvement, if they did not sound and measure better I would have put back the original Vifa tweeters - yes, this is a radical change),
(C) Plan to replace the internal rewiring of the speakers with top hook up wires from Neotech and Mundorf. 

Thanks for your suggestions of additional changes. 


**  Taiko Extreme 8TB with USB Card (7/2022).
** Totaldac Server (2/2018) upgraded to Totaldac Reclocker Mk.2 (5/2022)
** Innuos Zenith Statement 4Tb as Roon Core (2019)
Innuos Zenith SE as NAS (2017)
Caps Zuma with two Mojo Audio Joule III - one for 12V (main) and one for 9V (USB) (2013) 
Mac Mini 8gb, i7, 256gb SSD (2011) 
Mark Levinson 37 (1995) 
Accuphase CDP (1994) 

** Totaldac Twelve SE (2/2018) w/ Live Power.  Upgrade to Mk.3 (7/2022)
Playback Designs MPS-5 (2012) 
Playback Designs MPD-5 (2011) 
EMM Labs DCC2 SE (2007) 
Mark Levinson 360S (1995) 

** 2x Totaldac D1-Driver XLR (2021) w/ live power
CH Precision L1 (2017)
CH Precision X1 (2017)
Krell Phantom (2011) 
Levinson 380S (1995) 
Audio Research LS3 (1994)

** CH Precision M10 stereo (9/2022)
Krell FPB 750mcx monos (2011), re-capped (2011), re-capped with Nichicon Gold (2020), replaced original fuses with SR Blue Fuses (2020).  Sold 9/2022
Krell FPB 700cx (2002) 
Krell FPB 600c (1999) 
Krell KSA-300S (1995) 
Aragon 8008 (1994) 

** Duelund components (2013-2014) 

** Modded Dunlavy SC-VI (2013-2014) 
Dunlavy SC-VI (1998) 
Dunlavy SC-V (1995) 

** 1 pair or Echole Limited Edition Model 2 XLR 7ft (2021)
** 1 pair of Echole Limited Edition Model 2 RCA 3ft (2021)
1 pair or Echole OMNIA XLR 7ft (2017)
1 pair of Echole OMNIA XLR 3ft (2017) 
1 pair of Echole Signature XLR (2013) 
2 pairs Echole Obsession XLR 7ft (2011 and 2013) 
2 pairs NBS Black Label II (2012 and 2013)  (FOR SALE - EMAIL ME)
NBS Omega 0 (2007) 
NBS signature II (1995) 
Kimber (1994)

** 3x Echole Limited Edition Model 2 AES-EBU for Totaldac DAC (2021)
** Totaldac Gigafilter USB cable at server/reclocker (2019)
** Sablon Reserva Ethernet Cable from Innuos to Totaldac (2019)
3 Echole Limited Edition AES-EBU for Totaldac DAC (2019)
3 Echole Omnia AES-EBU (FOR SALE - EMAIL ME)
3 Kubala Sosna Realization AES-EBU for server and DAC (2018)

** Kubala Sosna Realization 2m (2018)

Kubala Sosna Elation (2015)
NBS Black Label II 4ft (two pairs) (2011) (FOR SALE - CONTACT ME)
NBS speaker jumpers (2011) 
NBS Omega 0 (2007)
NBS signature (1995) 
Kimber 8TC (1994) 

* 3x Nordost Odin II.  2x20amp for CH M10 and 1x15amp for Totaldac Drivers live power
* Echole Limited Edition Model 2 Power Cable 6ft (2020) for Totaldac D1-Drivers XLR
* Echole Omnia Power Cable 6ft (2018) for Totaldac live  power supply for DAC
* Echole Omnia Power Cable 6ft (2018) for Innuos Zenith Statement
Echole Omnia Power Cable 6ft (2018) for CH X1 
Kubala Sosna Realization (2018) for preamp (X1)
Genesis Absolute Fidelity (2012) for DAC  (FOR SALE - EMAIL ME)
Kubala Sosna Elation (2015) for Preamp
several NBS Black Label II (2011) - Other components (FOR SALE - EMAIL ME)

** Synergistic research orange fuses for totaldac power supplies and Innuos (2021)
** Telos Audio Design GNR 3.1 Grounding Box (2019)
** Totaldac Twelve directly to Futurech GTX-X dedicated 220V line (2018)
** Fuse box with Siemens SITOR fuses to dedicated circuits (2015)
** FPB750mcx monoblocks and CH L1+X1 each to a dedicated 220V circuit, three in total with Furutech GTX-R(2013)

**PS Audio P10 (2014): for the Innuos Zenith SE, projector, Apple TV and other components (except for monoblocks, pre, dac and phono that use no conditioning and have dedicated lines)
Synergistic Research Blue fuses for Power amps, preamp and DAC (2018-2020)
Synergistic Research Black fuses for preamp, dac and phono (2016)
Playback designs DAC, Mastergroove mk.II phono directly to Futurech GTX-X dedicated 110V line (2015)
Audience AR6-TS (2011) sold 
RSA Elgar 220V (for preamp) no longer in use (FOR SALE - EMAIL ME)
PS Audio Powerplant (2008) no longer in use
PS Audio P30 (1998) no longer in use

ACTIVE CROSSOVER for two pairs of mono amps (no longer in use)
Pass XVR-1 (2013)

ANALOG FRONT END (gave up on analog in 2017, focusing on upgrading digital)
Technics SP10 mk3 120V modded by Steve Dobbins (sold 2021)
Schroder LT Tonear (sold 2021)
Lyra Atlas (Sold 2017)
Tom Evans Mastergroove mk2 (Sold 2017)

Room Details

Dimensions: 43’ × 15’  X large
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Taiko Extreme 8TB with USB card
    Taiko Extreme on a Daisa base.  Connected to Totaldac using an Intona Ultimate 1.5m USB cable. Connected to the cable modem using a Sablon Reserva Ethernet cable.

    Currently running TAS. Looking forward to XDMS and lan board/cable/switch
    • Innuos Zenith Statement
    Innuos Zenith Statement is used as Roon core server, feeding the Totaldac Reclocker through its  USB output using an Intona Ultimate 1.5m USB cable.  It has internal linear power supplies and a 4TB SSD.  For streaming (Tidal) the Innuos is connected to the modem/router using a Sablon Reserva Ethernet cable. The cable modem/router is connected directly to the fiber optic cable and is powered by a Mojo Audio Joule V5 linear power supply.  
    • Intona Ultimate 1.5m USB cable
    Between server and Totaldac Reclocker mk.2
    • Totaldac Reclocker Mk.2
    with livepower power supply
    • Totaldac Twelve Mk.3
    Fantastic DAC. The Mk. 3 upgrade improved detail, body, mid bass and low frequency detail.
    • Echole Limited Edition AES-EBU Model 2 interconnects
    Three Limited Edition Model 2 AES-EBU: 1x from server reclocker to dac reclocker, 2x from the dac reclocker to the two DAC boxes.
    • Totaldac Live Power Power Supplies for: (i) Totaldac server/recloker, and Twelve DAC and (ii) D1-drivers XLR

    Five output Totaldac live power supply for the Totaldac Twelve DAC.SE, and server/reclocker.  Echole Omnia power cord.

    Two output Totaldac liver power for the two Totaldac D1-Drivers XLR. Nordost Odin 2 power cord. 
    • Echole Cables Limited Edition model 2 RCA interconnects
    Between the Totaldac Twelve dac and the D1-Drivers
    • Totaldac Two D1-Drivers XLR
    Two D1-Drivers XLR, between the DAC and the power amps. Fed by a Totaldac livepower with an Echole Limited Edition model 2 power cord.
    • Echole Limited Edition Model 2 XLR 7ft
    from the two Totaldac D1-Drivers XLR to the CH Precision L1
    • CH Precision M10 stereo
    Using a Daisa platform.  Fed by two Nordost Odin 2 20amp cables.
    • Kubala Sosna Realization 2m Spades
    Great speaker cables from top to bottom
    • Duelund CAST external crossover
    Pair of external crossovers for the Dunlavy SC-VIs using Duelund CAST caps and inductors (for the main signal path), Duelund RS caps (for secondary paths). Path Audio resistors.

    The two external crossovers are now on top of Finite Elemente Pagode Master Reference mk.2 platforms (8/2019).
    • Dunlavy Audio Labs SC-VI
    with upgraded Duelund external crossovers, upgraded tweeters, and other upgrades.
    • Echole Cables Limited Edition Model 2 power cord
    For the CH Precision X1 that feeds the CH Precision L1
    • Echole Omnia Power Cord - Four cables
    Power cables for: (i) Echole/Absolare power supply for Totaldac DAC  (2 cables), (ii) Totaldac 3x power supply for Totaldac Server and reclocker (1 cable), (iii) Innuos Zenith SE
    • Telos Audio Design GNR 3.1 Grounding Box
    For the Innuos, Totaldac, and CH Precision preamp. 

    I got the unit with six spades to mini spades cables. Two of them I use with the CH L1 ground connectors, the other are connected to Totaldac and Innuos enclosures

    Two USB ground cables are connected to Innuos and Totaldac.  Four RCA ground cables are connectect do Totaldac boxes. 
    • Running Springs Audio Scuttle Mk.3 rack
    For the DAC and preamp. Makes a big difference.
    • Running Springs Audio VR 3
    Two dedicated, custom supports/vibration control for  2xKrell fpb750mcx
    • Finite Elemente Pagode Master Reference Mk.II Platform
    Two Pagode Master Reference plaforms.  One under each of the external crossovers. Improved timbre and soundstage.
    • Varios Accoustic Treatment
    Wall on back of speakers:
    - Center with 3 difusers
    - Center with lateral difusers
    - Center with 150hz absortion for room mode
    - Corners: two 40hz ressonators for room mode

    Ceiling:  Difuser

    Side wails: Two Difuser/absorption for first reflection - movable to hide when not in use

    Floor: Rug and large foot rest
    • Stewart Filmscreen Model A Firehawk 100
    electric tensioned screen.  Planning to upgrade to 120"
    • audiodharma Cable Cooker Anniversary Ed. 3.5
    Cooks interconnects, cables, and capacitors
    • Earthworks M30, Roland Quadcapture, REW
    Room accoustic measurement, for speaker positioning, room treatment, and maybe DRC
    • Cara 2.2 plus
    Room Simulation and positional optimization software

Comments 133

Several changes:
1. CH Precision M10 stereo replaced Krell FPB 750mcx monos
2. Totaldac Twelve Mk3 (upgrade to mk3)
3. Todaldac Reclocker Mk2 (upgrade to mk2)
4. Taiko Extreme 8Tb with USB card
5.  Two Totaldac XLR Drivers replaced CH L1
6.  Nordost Odin II power cables for CH M10 and Totaldac drivers
7.  Intona Ultimate USB 1.5m cable between Taiko Extreme and Todaldac
8.  Daisa (Taiko) platforms for CH M10, Taiko Extreme and Innuos Statement


I upgraded a few cables from Echole Limited Edition to Limited Edition Model 2: The power cable at the CH X1, one of the AES-EBU of the Totaldac, and the XLR interconnect between the Totaldac and the CH L1.  I am very happy with the results.  Even more realistic timbre, soundstage and dynamics. Well done Echole!


Please take a look at initial text description of my system, click "read more...".  I included a system history that you may find interesting. Cheers.


Hello Thieliste,
Thank you!  I am sure you will be very happy with the Totaldac Twelve mk2 + CH L1+X1.  Make sure you buy top level cables for them.


Hi Vicente nice system you have there, i also plan to purchase Totaldac Twelve mk2 + CH L1+X1 + Gryphon Mephisto stereo, speakers Borresen 03s.


Hello Audiotroy,

Thank you!

The Onkk Cue looks promising, I hope to hear it at some point.  However, I am not going back to analog any time soon.




Love your dedication you have one fantastic setup.


If you are looking to get back to analog we heard a table which will way outperform the technics even their atest reference table.

Onkk Cue direct drive designed and built by a clock maker.

The Onkk Cue made me want to play vinyl again, just amazing sound.


Hello Prdprez,

Thank you, and congrats on you Dunlavy SC-V!  They are great!
I sent you a private message with your answers.



So I've been really intrigued by your Dunlavy upgrades, having read about them here, at WhatsBestForum, and AVSForum.  After spending years, on and off, searching the world over for the best drop in tweeter I ended up coming to the same conclusion you did. So that's cool. Thanks for sharing all of your experiences. 
I'm going to finally embark on overhauling my SC-V by replacing the tweeters, crossovers and wiring. Going to do it all at once. 
My hope was to simply duplicate the existing crossovers so that I always had the originals as untouched backups. The one thing standing in my way is the inductors that John used in the resonant circuits. They are the hand wound units that had both a specific inductance and resistance. I'm wondering what your solution was for these specifically. Did you manage to find suitable replacements or were you forced to pull the originals? While I'm asking about those, since the resonant frequency of the Seas is about 400-500 Hz lower than the D27TG, did you ever consider replacing the inductor in the tweeter circuit that is specifically tuned to this? Or maybe it was close enough not to bother?
Thank you for any assistance/advice you feel like offering. Very much appreciated. And thank you, again, for taking the time to post your project for us all to see!


Hello Daniel,

Thanks!  I just read what you wrote on your system page, and I will try some of your ideas/mods.  Great work!

So far I have not found power cables for the Krell 750mcx that sounded better than the original cables in my system, and I tried some very expensive cables.  I hope to try the Shunyata at some point.




Great system! I am sure that it sounds amazing and that you had a lot of fun modifying your gear. 

This is so weird...I did basically the similar mods on my system. I own the Krell FBP-350MCX, of which I disconnected the original internally wired power cord to install a Furutech Rhodium power inlet. I also installed Synergistic Research Blue Fuse inside the Krells to great benefit. 

The Krell amps are powered from a dedicated 20 A circuit on 240V (sounds much better than 120V) using Shunyata Research Anaconda CX power cord, which sounds much better than the Krell cord via a Furutech GTX-R wall plate.

I also modified my Duetta Signature Xovers with Mundorf Supreme capacitors, Alphacore ribbon inductors, Duelund metal-wound resistors and replaced internal wiring with Neotech solid silver wire. Also replaced speaker connectors with top of the line silver WBT binding post.




Hello Oldager,

Thank you!

I purchased the L1 first and then had the opportunity to hear the X1 in my system for a week before deciding whether to purchase.   The improvement brought by the X1 is very easy to hear.  Better soundstage (deeper), more ambiance, better bass. 

Important to have both the L1 and X1 on some vibration absortion (like the SRA Scuttle mk3 rack). You have to try with and without the connecting spickes, because using the internal spikes makes a big difference (L1 yes X1 yes, L1 no X1 yes, L1 yes X1 no, L1 no X1 no), I prefer L1 no spikes and X1 no pikes (but on the SRA Scuttle).

So, definetly go for the X1, or upgrade directly to the CH L10.




Spectacular system, VPN...!

Did you upgrade to the CH L1 & X1 simultaneously, or did you get a chance to hear the L1 with and without the X1. I'm currently considering the X1 upgrade for my L1/P1's...


Innuos Zenith Statement replacing the Innuos Zenith SE:  Better detail, imaging, ambiance, more open, better timbre in lower frequencies. Great upgrade!


Hello Jay23,

The diffusers and absorbers behind the speakers are covered by an accoustically transparent black fabric. 



shadorne must not have seen the Blue fuses. 😏

Did you remove the diffusers behind the system, or were they covered up?


Hello Shadorne,

Thank you!  The Seas Excel Crescendo tweeters make me happy every time.  Great integration and much better than Vifa.



Love everything about your setup! Those Seas Excel tweeters are the business!

Ag insider logo xs@2xshadorne

Hello JA,

Thank you! 

Regarding the CH + Krell, the CH L1+X1 was an important upgrade vs. the Krell Phantom which is already a great preamplifier.  I heard lots of top preampliers and power amplifiers in my system, and the CH preamp was a great move. The CH L1+X1 improved the quality of the bass, extended and improved the soundstage and detail.

The Krell and CH work very well together.  Some people say that the Krell FBP750mcx has a bit of hardness and darkness, but I know it is not their fault, but the fault of the cables people used 20 years ago, and lack of other ajustments. 

There are several things that are necessary to make the 750mcx achieve their full potential, to produce beautful sound, very open, powerfull, extended, no hardness, just excellent:

a) Each monoblock with dedicated 20amp 220V circuit.
b) Directly into the power outlets, no power filters
c) Have dealer change them to 220V
d) recapping by a Krell dealer
e) top amp stands such as SRA, HRS or Finite Elements (I use SRA VR 3.0)
f) great interconnects and speaker cables such as Echole Omnia and Kubala Realization
g) The Krell dealer installed furutech power cable receptacles in them, so I will be trying different power cables. I recently purchased two 20amp Kubala Realization to compare, and I am waiting to receive them soon.
h) Have great front end, preamp, speakers, cables, room, so that they do not limit the great sound that the 750mcx monoblocs can produce.





Beautiful photos and room. A very interesting combination of gear as well.

How do you like the Krell/CH Precision combo?

Happy Listening!


Important new upgrades:

a) Added Totaldac Twelve SE DAC plus Totaldac Server.  Now the Innuos Zenith SE is used as a NAS.  The Playback Designs was sounding great with the Innuos, but the Totaldac Twelve is even better: more detail, better soundstange and realism.

b) Upgraded speaker cables to Kubala Sosna Realization. Upgraded CH X1 power cable to Kubala Sosna Realization.  The Realization sounds better than the Elation: better extension and air on top and better realism on bottom, better soundstage focus. 

I am very happy with the changes.


Several recent changes:

a) Added CH Precision L1 + X1 preamp.  Improvement over the excellent Krell Phantom in terms of detail, imaging, realistic timbre, and more open sound.  

b) Added 2 pairs of Echole Omnia interconnects, replacing Echole Obsession.  Improved realism of instruments, detail, and more open sound. 

c) Added Innuos Zenith SE (2Tb SSD) as server, replacing CAPS Zuma. Big improvement in soundstage and low frequencies. 

d) Put my Playback Designs MPS-5 DAC on the RSA Scuttle mk.3 rack, replacing the turntable.  Big improvement for the DAC sound.  

e) Put my analog front end rig in stand-by.  Sold Lyra Atlas and Tom Evams Mastergroove mk.2. I will focus on upgrading my digital front end for a while.




Hello Slowikpl,

One of my photos above show two 56uF Duelund CAST-cu capacitors being cooked using the power cable configuration.  The minimum time will vary depending on the size of the cap, but usually a minimum of 4 to 6 days.

Alan Kafton sent me detailed instructions.  Instead of copying and pasting his long email, I suggest you ask him directly at [email protected] and I am sure he will send you the instructions.

After I installed the caps in the crossovers, it took a few more days playing actual music to finish the conditioning.





Hello all.

I have many duelund caps like:

50uF, 8.2uF, 6.8uF, 2.2uF  Duelund CAST 
40uF Duelund VSF copper

Also some 600V Duelund CAST :

4.7uF ,3.3uF , 2.2uF , 1.5uF , 1uF

Heavy someone a piece of advice how long should I clock my Duelund's with my new Audiodharma Cable-Cocker ? 


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