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Dimensions: 14’ × 10’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Tandberg Tandberg 20a reel to reel
    Tandberg has a long standing reputation for the creation of excellent and versatile tape recorders
    Good solid, heavy plinth that can stand an earthquake. Smooth and clean sound, rumble? what's that? Built to last. Infinity black widow carbon fiber tonearm rewired.
    • Ohm Acoustics Walsh 5"s Walsh 5"s

    Ohm Walsh 5 loudspeaker Dick Olsher Returns

    Dick Olsher returned to the Ohm Walsh 5 in August 1988 (Vol.11 No.8):

    The folks at Ohm would love to have us believe that there "is no place like Ohm." I know Dorothy believes that, but last time I listened to the Walsh 5 there were enough things wrong with it to spoil the Ohm-coming. To be sure, there was plenty of imaging magic; you might even say that, indeed, "there's no space like Ohm." But a slightly opaque and colored midrange seriously curtailed my enthusiasm for the speaker. All puns aside, I firmly believed back then that this was a speaker on the verge of greatness. So when Ohm let it be known late in 1987 that the Walsh 5 had been revised, I was naturally more than interested in a relisten.

    I was unable to specifically pin down the nature or extent of the modifications, but even after a quick initial listen my impression was that the speaker had been significantly improved. The midrange was smoother and considerably more transparent. I suppose that transparency and disdain of boxy colorations are acquired tastes; years of intimacy with electrostatics have made me quite intolerant of muddled resonant boxes. The art has advanced greatly in the last 50 years, yet dynamic moving-coil manufacturers are still boxing box resonances. Heroic enclosures like the one used in the Celestion SL600 are a step in the right direction. Not surprisingly, the mini-monitors, the miniature boxes, are the least boxy-sounding because of the reduction in panel area: there is simply less radiating surface. Unfortunately, most little boxes are bass cripples. A good example of this is the ProAc Tablette. Its lack of bass and gratuitous brightness conspire to give it an artificial sense of transparency which many people like. I know I liked it. But J. Gordon Holt, Mr. Tonal Balance, was appalled: "violins sound like toy violins," he would complain. But Gordon, what do you expect from a castrato anyway?

    • Oppomod BDP-95 BDP-95

    Oppo, and most dvd/bluray players stock power board is of SMPS (switch-mode power supply), due to their efficiency, low cost and ease of manufacturing.
    SMPS provides high current, low and multiple voltages easily and cheaply.
    They generate a lot RFI (radio frequency interference) at the switching frequency of the supply.

    Linear Power Supply provides clean constant voltage and stable current at the output stage.
    It provides isolation between the output and input because of the toroidal transformer.

    • Jolida 502P Tube Amp X 2 502P
    This is my pair of Jolida 502P power amps. In their stock form they are 60 watt per channel stereo amps. These have been factory modded. In this current form, running bridged they are 140 watt monoblocks
    • Audio Experience Audio Experience A2-SE
    It should be clear by now that the Audio Experience A2-SE requires careful system matching for optimum performance. It can lock-in on a Goldilocks -- just right tonal balance -- or at the other extreme project too lively a balance that is bound to interfere with long-term listening enjoyment. Its sound can best be summarized as fast, transparent and adept at reproducing timing nuances. It avoids typical tube euphonics, yet captures sufficient tube magic when it comes to image palpability and textural sweetness. The flexibility to accommodate both single-ended and balanced systems is quite a bonus. The A2-SE is in my estimation quite a remarkable performer at its price point and deserving of a serious audition.
    • YAQIN SD-30A SD-30A
    • Servo circuit uses the PHILIPS SAA7824 chip
    • Can connect external audio decoder Its coupled
    • Mediant and bass are nice, transparent and powerful
    • Use American BB Corporation PCM1732U chip with HDCD decoder

    LOVE The sound it puts out!

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You call this mid-fi. Blows my best system away.


Nothing MidFi about your set up.  I'm sure it plays music beautifully and most importantly to your liking .... That is hi fidelity at its best!  Money spent is not the objective is it?  Thank you for showing us how it's done! 



I'll get back to you later tonight


You only listed 3 items. I'm curious what the rest of your equipment list is? Thanks


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