"Well, after a solid 20 years in this hobby, I beleive I am done"

But, I guess I really was not...

The most significant change has been the addition of a computer based set up. I cannot believe how good it sounds using the Cary's DAC. I have a Kimber USB (the new silver USB has been ordered) to a Bel Canto 24/29 Converter directly into the CDP's digital in. For storage I have a Licie 1TB Ext HD. I would guess I listen to my copied CDs 90% of the time.

Also new, is the Cary 306 Pro and more recently the Bryston 28B-SSTs and the Audiav Zarcona Rack...

Since the BEFORE photo, the room has been painted, artwork placed on the walls as well as misc other items...

Please feel free to comment...


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    • Apple Mackbook
    I am using this as a sever only>Kimber USB> Bel Canto 24/96 > Cary DAC
    • Bel Canto 24/96 USB Converter
    I must for any good Computer based set up.
    • Cary Audio Design 306 Pro SACD/CD/DAC
    Great player and DAC for the computer system.
    • Pass Labs X-1
    Very open and detailed.
    • Bryston 28B SST
    Wow, Bryston nailed it with this amp!
    • Verity Audio Parisfal Ovation
    In the stunning Quilted Big Leaf Maple.
    • Audiav Audio Racks Zirconia
    Each rack completely designed and customized for the each customer (with as many as necessary CAD layouts provided), the Zirconia is their entry level rack and the shelves are fantastic and still hand made....
    • Crystal Cables Crystal Connect Reference
    Silver as it best.
    • Audio Magic Stelth
    Each one hand made one at a time.
    • Crystal Cables Crystal Connect Reference
    Ultra Smooth.
    • Crystal Cables Crystal Connect Reference
    Rounding out a full complement of CrystalCable products.
    • Symposium Svelt Shelves
    Thinner then their other platforms.
    • Pioneer Elite 60
    Oh so sweet!
    • Pioneer VSX 82TXS
    The controller of the Home Theater.
    • Denon DVD 1930 CI
    Just waiting for the HD war to end.
    • Definitive Technology Mythos I
    Left and Right Channel but set to "small" so they work will with the Super Cube.
    • Definitive Technology LCR 2300
    Solid center perfomer
    • Definitive Technology Super Cube I
    • Direct TV HD DVR
    Not is user friendly as the TiVo units were.....
    • Panamax Max 5510 Pro
    It cleans up just fine.

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You have a very nice system there. I had spent days getting my previous VA speakers in the proper location. The Sarastro II’s took the most time and are still not in thier final location. I have to finish the trim work and move the computer out of the room to seal the opening. If there are openings especially low to the ground it causes issues with bass for any speaker but I think more so with VA speakers because the woofer fires to the rear. My JL's can overcome the bass problem but I want the speakers to handle the bass for 2 channel without the subs.
BTW have you tried vinyl with your system, it would sound phenomenal.
What kind of music do you listen to?

I have to finish the trim in the rest of the house before I do the sound room or my wife will not be happy. All I need is 48 hour days.


Just a follow up, for those that are migrating toward digital files as a primary music source (as I have been doing), I replaced the Bel Canto Link with the Sonicweld Diverter. While the Bel Canto did a fantastic job, the Sonicweld nudge the character into a much more smooth and enveloping place..

(I am going to have to let the Bel Canto go (email me))


Really nice system, I love Verity audio speakers, if only I could afford them. Are the speakers that power hungry that you need 2 Bryston 28B SST amps? I have heard the Verity with Soulution amps. That was a magical combo.


Great before & after pictures of your room... it looks great... and high WAF! The Bryston amps look way cool and I've always admired Parsifals. Great gear in a great looking room... congrats!


Hi John!

How is the Parsifal doing?

Any major upgrades?

Happy Listening my friend,



Yes, it does sound great. I am continually surprised at the results of my continual tweaks and adjust to eek out the last bit of refinement...

Most recently, I began to play with the rake of the speakers again (post Bryston and rack additions), whereas the difference in sound between one spike-screw-thread's height and another has been remarkable to the overall presentation...Deeper rake and the speakers become too forward but the bass becomes tighter and more potent, lessen the rake and I lose some detail and bass definition but the midrange becomes oh-so liquid and sweet.....

You'd think after 2.5 years in this room I would have the speakers set where they should...but it just goes to show you.....

Thanks for the comments, John


Nice clean system setup. No doubt is sounds real good? Great job.


Nicely done, I always enjoy a mixture of different brands of components as well. You have designed a system to your taste. Looking and sounding sweet.


What a nice looking system. I really like the rack and will look into this for my system as it develops.


The speakers, the full compliment of Crystal Cabling and the Audio Magic power conditioner all survived the revolution along with the Pass pre....

I had all the current equipment for at least 3 months before the rack arrived and another couple weeks before I got around to unpacking and setting it up...

Yes, there was a noticeable change to the sound after the rack was added, along the lines of a more cohesive presentation. I am still in an evaluation mode and do not want to prematurely draw any conclusions about it. However, I will be reviewing the rack and posting the same on Positive Feedback, but it will be a month or two before I get it out...

Thanks for the positive comments....John


Boy did I miss what happened with your system, you can tell where my focus is presently!!!!! Only the Pass survived the cut? I'd bet it sounds as clean as it looks, I had the X2.5 and X150, the pre was very good. Did you have the equipment before the rack arrived so you were able to hear the improvement the rack made. (it is a very cool together look BTW)


Yeah, we put a lot of effort into this room. I put up crown molding, painted (2) colors, had 20 amp circuits pulled in, etc, etc..

But of course, aside from the system electronic components (new or old), what really brought things together is the beautiful Audiav Zarconia Rack is so nice!

Thanks, John


Very nice upgrade, the room color and the painting are great, talk about putting life into a room!!!! Well done!!!!


System edited: I have basically did a make over of my room and system, although the system make over took the last 3 years.... See the new pictures and summary....Thanks for looking!


I am excited to here what you think about the Nagra PMA with the Parsifal. As I have a parsifal monitor, I am considering the Nagra PSA to run with my Pass Lab X2.5. What a great choice in amplifier. It does appear great minds think a like.


I have a pair of the Nagra “monopyramids” on the way in for a review. I am looking forward to my time with these amps.

I will report my findings and a review of the same will eventually be posted at

Thanks, John


pls do try out the Pass XA30.5 or XA60.5 at the moment have a loaner XA30.5 hooked up to my Lohengrin and the match is superb.


If you are considering amps...then have you considered combining your HT and two channel systems - that is what I did. Get a quality DSP preamp and off you go...just a thought ( a shame to park those Verity's when you watch a movie...after all 50% of the movie experience is sound!). Whatever you decide you have a great setup and a nice room. Congrats!

Ag insider logo xs@2xshadorne

What's up with the toe in of the speakers being so radically different? Just curious.



Thanks. I have to say, with the recent addition/switch to the NuForce Reference 9 SE "V2" my concerns with my amplifiers have all but disappeared.

My VA PO replace a pair of Super 8s and it took every bit of the VA to really outdo the Super 8s. I really enjoyed those speakers and only recently sold them. If you like the VAs you will like the DeVores - promise. I had them side by side for a while and it was amazing just how simular the sound was between the two.

Before this room, my room was about 1/2 the size and I had the woofers forward fireing. It had a bit more attack, but in the smaller room, rear facing did not work - bass was overpowering.

In this room (22x22) it is much more balenced and the sound is far better off with them rear fireing.

Enjoy the hunt! John


I love this system, the speakers are the best in the world IMO. Nice choice. I noticed you said your amp is your weakspot..Might I suggest tubes? I heard AR (not necessarily my first choice) on Parsifals and it is something I will never forget. Every piece of your system is just perfect, congrats.

One thing I notice is you have the driver/port facing the wall. How does this work in your application? Good I take it? I ask because I am considering Devore super 8s and the port in the back will be about 1.5 feet off my wall. I have always had front ports which have proven easy to place, so a rear port concerns me. How well does it work for you?


The Distance from the HT to the couch is further then the distance from the recliners to the speakes....

The coffee table is temporary and, yes, in a pinch I will move a "special listening" chair. Heck, I could have stayed at my old place where it DID envelope me, but I am not about to do that...

I want to make it clear: the system sounds fantastic! I am just seeking to refine it a bit in accordance with my comments.


I'm with Entrope, 100%.

Your listening position in relation to your speakers is where all the magic begins. If you are averse to swapping the systems around, I would buy a comfortable, collapse type of chair and put it where it needs to go and take it out when done. Only then would I consider a gear change.


I don't see it as an amp problem but a room configuration problem. I do not know if an amp change will overcome distance to the listener and speaker separtion.

I have integrated my two channel into my home theatre. It is not optimum for the HT but good and great for the two channel.

Have you tried swapping the HT and two channel systems? Distance would be less critical with the HT. Swap the chairs and sofa also if needed. Get rid of the coffee table-refections off it must be terrible.


Great room and systems! I'm showing these photos to my wife and hope she sees the sense in letting me have my own dedicated family room!


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