Rudimentary tube-based audio system for music, movies and tv. Assembled on a tight budget with careful shopping. Will be adding a DAC for the BD player, and use for hdtv as well.

Room Details

Dimensions: 22’ × 18’  Large
Ceiling: 9’

Components Toggle details

    • Mystere IA-11
    40 wpc tube integrated amp from the Netherlands by PrimaLuna
    • Thorens TD-203
    Belt drive turntable with uni-pivot tonearm and Ortofon 2m Blue cartridge
    • Schiit Audio Mani
    MM/MC Phono preamp
    • Yamaha BD-S677
    BluRay/SACD/CD player
    • FiiO D3
    Economical 192/24 DAC (HDTV which has no analogue out)
    • Rotel RT940-ax
    '90s FM/AM tuner for local college station broadcasts
    • Paragon Radiant
    Transmission-line cabinets retrofitted w/ Seas Froy mk3 speaker kit using their Excel drivers
    • Panamax Max5100
    EMI, RF, surge, brown-out protection for all components except tube amp, which is plugged directly into wall outlet.
    • Monitor Audio S-6 Silver
    I rotate these speakers into the system from time to time:
    2-1/2 way floor speakers w/ ceramic-coated magnesium/aluminum drivers

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Really nice.  Good job.


Thank you for your kind words Jond and Hificrazed. It has been enjoyable researching and choosing the system. I find it a pleasure to listen to. I think the final piece to the puzzle to get more from the player would be a DAC like the budget Schiit Modi 3 or equivalent by others.


Well done a well balanced looking system with a lot of bang for the buck. And it looks nice too!


Very nice looking simplistic system very classy! Thank you for posting.


Very nice looking simplistic system very classy! Thank you for posting.


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