This is a two way all horn system meant to work from 27hz to 18khz at full output. It is bi-amped and uses a Xilica xp3060 feeding into two Crown xli800's. Linkwitz Riley crossover type  and crossed at 600hz HF and 650hz LF and horizontally bi-amped. Time delay on the K-402 horn is 6.35ms.

  The bass bin horn is based off of the MWM bin used in the Klipsch MCM-1900 systems. With a 66" throat depth on the OEM horns I could not get low enough for pipe organ music and I wanted to sit next to the 32' pipes. The Super MWM bass bin has a throat depth of 108" and is the best cleanest bass I have heard within it's HZ range. I have heard some go lower but the sound quality is just not there.

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    • Custom build Super MWM two way high output system. Xilica xp3060 Crown xli800 Klipsch K-402 horns with 1132 drivers and Super MWM bass bins
    System is fed from Dell workstation with upgraded sound card. Into a Xilica xp3060 which then goes to two Crown xli800's and this is an active crossover bi amped time delayed system.

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If you are ever near southern middle Tennessee drop me a line here and you are welcome to stop in. Horns rule the audio world.


Wow, amazing. Where others have big flat-screen TVs sitting on cabinets, you have Monster Horns and I'd love to hear them!


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