My dream system finally realized.

Room Details

Dimensions: 21’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

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    • MSB Technology Diamond DAC V w v2 renderer
    • ASR Audio Emitter II Exclusive
    • Vivid Audio GIYA G2 Series 2
    • REL Acoustics B1 Brittania

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Thanks for your kind comments.  
Actually, the room came first - the size being a ratio to minimize room modes.  Solid doors, all wood surfaces, fully insulated, and 6 dedicated circuits. The tube traps make a big improvement, as well as traps at the first reflection points.
Then came the MSB DAC with renderer (now v2) followed by the Giya’s, and finally a month ago, the ASR, which is still settling in.  In each case, I made the most informed decision I could at the time, so there was no initial master plan.  The REL B1’s were there from the start.  
The wiring is Duelund tinned copper for both interconnect and speakers.  Better to my ears (musical, involving, real) than the Valhalla (hi fi).  I do bi wire using 12 ga to the woofers and a braid of 16, 20, 24 to the upper end.  Held up by homemade ceramic elevators (my wife is a potter).
Source is a NUC i7 running Roon ROCK with Tidal and a Synology NAS.  
Gigafoil just prior to the dac cleans up any network noise.  I’ve taken care with the network setup too.  The NAS, NUC, MSB all run off the same switch.  That switch, NAS, NUC, and gigafoil powered by LPS.


I’m Jealous!


Congratulations on realizing your dream system.  Some very nice pieces there I am sure they synergize well together. And those Giya's are gorgeous!


My, My;

You really dialed in your “ dream system”

MSB & ASR with the Giya’s 

Simplicity & I bet superb Full Range sound , especially with the big sub

I’ve never heard the ASR’s ,nothing but good is said about them

How did you evolve to the current system ? 

Well done 



Wow! Nice room and system you have there!how does the ASR sound? I am also using the emitter ii and ordering the new 2019 update version. Looks like yours is also a new version too.


Nice, quality system! Good job! 
Question: What are those unusual white devices/objects on the floor to the right (not the cable risers)?


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