This is my current hi-fi system.  We're a young family with a 2 1/2 year old, and we don't have any fancy dedicated listening room or home theater.  This is right in our "family room" (I am very lucky to have such a wonderful and understanding wife).  We love listening to music together while our daughter plays (notice the children's "kitchen" directly next to the setup).  

There is (of course) tons of room for improvement, but that's half the fun I suppose.  The Accuphase E-202 has been completely refurbished and sounds wonderful, although I always wish I had "more power" for the giant Revel Salons.  Despite the Salon's approaching 20 years old, they are still simply incredible.  

Most of our listening is on vinyl and CD, although we have an Amazon "Echo Dot" tucked away for quick access to children's music and other random songs through voice commands.  If it ever goes on sale I'll probably upgrade to the "Echo Link" so I can get a dedicated digital output and run it through a Schiit Modi DAC for a super basic (but hopefully decent) digital streaming setup.  

*Update 8/12/19* Finally got the correct hardware to install the doors on the Salamander cabinet--which was way harder than I expected!--and I have added some new pictures showing the doors (and also the 2nd Technics SL-1200 M3D displayed)

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 15’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Revel Ultima Salon
    4-way full range speakers
    • Accuphase E-202
    Integrated Amplifier
    • Mofi Ultradeck + Master Tracker Cartridge
    • Harmon Kardon CDR-20
    Dual CD player
    • Technics SL-1200 M3D
    • Grado RED
    Cartridge on the Technics SL-1200 M3D
    • Schiit Audio MANI
    Phono pre-amp
    • AudioQuest cables
    Audioquest Interconnects and speaker cables throughout (speakers are bi-wired)
    • Salamander Designs Synergy Cabinet
    • Schiit Audio Modi 3
    DAC, currently used with Harmon Kardon CD-20 as transport
    • Record Doctor Record Doctor V
    Record Cleaner

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