Your basic HT/2 channel system nothing exotic here.  Just got these Ohm 3000 drivers a few months ago.  Before I had them, was using the Ohm MicroTalls hugh upgrade!! Cables by Mono price. Friends always enjoyed listening to the system before,  now they  don't want to leave.  I have listened to some pretty expensive systems with  speakers costing more then my whole system.   I always come home now never disappointed with what I have.

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    • Oppo BDP-103D
    Running analog out to AVR
    • Harmon Kardon AVR 7200
    7-2 channel AVR   Running it 6.1 channel.
    • Ohm Acoustics Main Left/Right. 3000 drivers in 4xo cabinets. Micro center. Sat -3 surrounds
    Running 6.1 home theater set up.
    • Yamaha CDC-805
    Very old CD multi dicc player but still gets the job done.
    • Sunfire mkVIII Sub
    Used in HT mode

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