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Dimensions: 26’ × 16’  Large
Ceiling: 10’

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    • KODO THE BEAT SE MagDrive® turntable
    • Schröder LT Pivoted Linear Tracking tonearm
    • Rockport Technologies Lyra
    These Lyras are bi-wired. That is why I have monoblock amps.
    • CH Precision M 10 monoblock amps
    • CH Precision P1 phonostage
    • CH Precision L10 dual monoblocks linestage
    • CH Precision C1 DAC
    • Nordost Odin 2 cables
    • Lyra Atlas Lambda cartridge
    • van den Hul Master Signature Colibri cartridge
    • DS Audio Master 1 phono/cartridge system
    • Studer A80 reel to reel
    • Garrard 301/Dobbins plinth
    • Commonwealth Electronics 12A and 12D idler turntables
    • Swedish Analog Technologies 9" original SAT tonearm

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Thanks for the kind comments. I don't visit the 'gon much anymore so I'm a little slow to see any comments or questions.

The DS Audio system is the real deal. I consider my CH Precision P1 one of the best phonostages on the market today. As is the new Lambda Lyra carts. It would take a seriously good cart/phonostage to compete and the DS Master set certainly does just that. 

Happy New Year to all,



LOL. I missed that that that old receiver was in the picture, I took that when the Lyra speakers were brand new and being run-in. I use that receiver to get the speakers burned-in. 

I do have digital. CH Precision C1 DAC and a Replay Beast used as a server behind the rack.

Preferred cartridge...probably the Etna SL but the vd Hul Master Sig and DS Audio DW2 system are up there too.