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Dimensions: 26’ × 16’  Large
Ceiling: 10’

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    • KODO THE BEAT SE MagDrive® turntable
    • Schröder LT Pivoted Linear Tracking tonearm
    • Rockport Technologies Lyra
    • CH Precision M 1.1 monoblock amps
    • CH Precision P1 phonostage
    • CH Precision L1 linestage
    • CH Precision C1 DAC
    • Nordost Odin 2 cables
    • Lyra Etna SL cartridge
    • van den Hul Master Signature Colibri cartridge
    • DS Audio Master 1 phono/cartridge system
    • Studer A80 reel to reel
    • Garrard 301/Dobbins plinth
    • Commonwealth Electronics 12A and 12D idler turntables
    • Swedish Analog Technologies 9" original SAT tonearm

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Great looking system, CH is by far my favorite solid state brand.