Hello Audiogoners, here's my system and I have to admit it has provided countless hours of wonderful music! I switched from solid state to tubes about 2 years ago and boy Im not gonna go back to solid state anytime soon in the foreseeable future. The Icon Audio amp is just a great value the sound is so alive, that of course depends on the quality of the recording plus the Oppo/Modwright player adds to the realism of the music it's like sitting at a Jazz club and listening to a live session. Let's not forget the Focal speakers they are sooo sweet and the bass they provide is clean and very articulate sorta like fat free bass if you will. The panels on the wall are (bamboo) from SMITH&FONG linear sound collection. These are used in commercial application to provide sound deadening of echo prone rooms and here I use them to tame the room and boy they are wonderful just don't over do it with the panels. Happy listening to all Audiogoners no matter your system it's the music that counts in the end. PS, The Rega TT is also a wonderful piece!

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    • Rega P-3
    • Focal Aria 936
    • Icon Audio St 40 mkiii
    integrated tube amplifier
    • Analysis Plus Inc. Oval 12
    • Analysis Plus Inc. Oval One

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Appreciate your comments (skiroe)  by the way that MODWRIGHT Ls100 sure is a nice piece and Dan sure is a nice person to deal with. No I have not heard the Icon Audio LA4 mkiii you mention but from what I read it's been getting some pretty good reviews mostly over in Europe. I haven't owned a pre-amp since 1996 when I owned a Parasound 2200mkii power amp and a PS 6.2 pre-amp


Thank you audio goner thosb on your comments. I remember viewing your system awhile back really like your selection of components. I use to own the Krell s300i a really nice sounding piece but, sold it to venture into the world of tubes. That Krell amp you have now that's a nice piece from the days of Dan D!
Those Thiel speakers sure bring back good memory, sadly Jim Thiel left this world too soon. Back then I wanted a pair of the 3.6 but just could not afford them. Notice you also have an OPPO player a really nice playback source. As to the Plyboo panel I happen to get the panel where I work it was a left over panel from a job in a law firm we had just completed and my boss told me to get rid of the panel so I ceased the opportunity to cut it up in the shop and bring it home. These panels cost almost $1000 each!


an attractive set up you have.   I've never really set up a dedicated space for my system--meaning a room just for the system.     Yes,  the tubes do bring a sweetness  to any system.   Currently my thing is to have tube preamp with solid state amp.   I had a Modwright LS100 and the difference was so obvious.   Although the LS100 is a bit big for a standard size rack although moving the feet would work to fit it in better..  I sold it as looking for a 6sn7 based preamp that will fit better which brings me to asking if you have heard the Icon Audio LA4 mkiii?      I don't think there is much in the forum about it and time to look again.

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Love the room and gear, sure it sounds great!  Very curious about the panels, did you cut them down from Plyboo's standard size of 48"x 96"?  How/where did you purchase them?


Thanks a lot amvm73 like I said just trying to keep it simple overall which equates to good looks and good sound


Lovely system and listening room. Great taste in hardware!


This system is what I call very simple, I love the tube sound and again simplicity equates to good sound I think. The room as you can see is very simple looking as I don't like too much clutter in a listening room. Is there room for improvement oh yea, I'm considering sometime in the future upgrading to a more powerful tube integrated amp but for now I'm really enjoying the heck out of the Icon Audio it's that good!


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