1. Need to upgrade speakers. Have two sets, unhappy with both, looking!
Use digital to analog Bluetooth converter from Monoprice to play music from my phone.
Another digital to analog converter for digital disc player.
Thinking of using the 40 watt tube amp to power Hiel AMTs. Have another McIntosh amp, Mc-2100, to power mids and light bass. Use SVS sub for bottom end.
My tv surround sound system is also McIntosh, the center also. The 2 mains and 2 rears are Thiel 2.3, there range really doesn’t need a sub.

Room Details

Dimensions: 36’ × 24’  X large
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • McIntosh Mc-240 tube amp
    • McIntosh Mr-71 tube tuner
    • McIntosh C-28 Preamplifier
    • Project turntable Debut Carbon Esprit SB-black gloss
    • SVS 12 powered sealed sub
    • McIntosh MC-2100 power amp

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McIntosh with Thiels, is that right, or are there other speakers in play?


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