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    • Rega P3
    Rega P3 Planar Three w/ Hana SL MC Cartridge
    • Hana SL3620
    Moving Coil Cartridge
    • Rogue Audio Ares
    Phono Preamplifier
    • Mytek Brooklyn+ DAC
    • Schiit Audio Freya
    • Schiit Audio Vidar
    2 X Schiit Vidar Monoblock
    • Focal Electra 1028Be
    2 x Focal Electra 1028Be
    • Hsu Research VTF-15H
    • SVS PC-4000
    • Schiit Audio Wyrd
    USB Bridge
    • APC H15
    Power Conditioner
    • Roon Labs Nucleus
    • Yamaha CD-N301
    CD Player
    • Moon Audio Black Dragon Speaker Cables
    • PS Audio Noise Harvester
    3 x Noise Harvesters
    • PS Audio Power Port
    • Schiit Audio Jotunheim
    Multibit DAC
    • Schiit Audio Bifrost Multibit
    • PS Audio Sprout 100
    • AudioQuest Dragonfly Red - MQA Enabled
    • Audeze LCD-3
    • Fostex TH900 MK2
    • Audeze LCD-XC
    • Focal Elegia

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I'm also curious about the small speakers flanking the computer monitor. Anything significant?


Xtreme near field ... Please comment on how well you like the Schiit Gear compared to the other components in the displayed menagerie ...
Am interested to understand how well the dual mono compares ...


Now that's what I call a home office stereo! Nice setup.
I'm not very familiar with Schiit's amps. They're more known for their DACs and phono preamps.
What ultimately made you go with them?


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