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    • McIntosh c2600
    2 channel pre amp
    • McIntosh MC601
    Mono Block
    • McIntosh MC601
    Mono Block
    • McIntosh MC-205
    Multi channel pre amp setup in pass-through to the C2600 for multi-channel content
    • McIntosh MVP-861
    Only use this as a CD player
    • McIntosh MX-121
    Pre-pro (multi channel)
    • Akai GX-747
    Reel to Reel
    • AudioQuest Water
    through out for IC's
    • VPI Industries Prime
    • Lyra Kleos
    MC Phono Cartridge
    • OPPO BDP-103D
    Blue-ray player
    • Furman Elite
    one for each rack
    • Sonus Faber Olympica III
    • Martin Logan Balanced Force 212
    Front Sub
    • REL Acoustics 212SE
    Rear Sub

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Very well put together ! Great choice of equipment.


Very expensive...very cool


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