Decent sized room but shape is all wrong for a listening room.  No choice but place speakers along the long wall. The acoustics in here are terrible.  With rave reviews for Lyngdorf and RoomPerfect decided to give the TDAI 3400 a try as my first high-end amplifier.  I must say it is pretty much living up to the hype.  With room perfect off the sound is unbearable.  Turn on room perfect and the system sounds amazing.  Where it beats Audyssey is that the system sounds good in any location in the room and even in the next room.  Audyssey is tuned much more to a smaller sweet spot in my opinion.  I have not been able to get the Lyngdorf to sound really good without the Sub however.  My Motion 40's are rated down to 40 Hrtz so they are capable of producing nice bass.  When I had them in a bigger room the bass sounded really good with a Marantz AVR setup.  I think it's a function of the my room rather than the Lyngdorf.  I may play with RoomPerfect some more but I'm certain that I'm better off letting the Sub handle the low stuff anyway.  I'm feeding the system with Tidal through the Sonos Connect and am enjoying every minute.  In a couple of years I'll probably try to add some high-end bookshelf/stand-mount speakers which might behave better in this room.

Room Details

Dimensions: 21’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Lyngdorf Audio TDAi 3400
    • Sonos Connect
    • Panamax MR-4300
    • Martin Logan Dynamo 700w
    • Martin Logan Motion 40
    • AudioQuest Rocket 33 Biwire

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