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Dimensions: 25’ × 17’  Large
Ceiling: 15’

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    • Theoretica Applied Physics Bacch SP (adio)
    Pre-amp, media server, crossover, crosstalk cancelation system.
    • Apogee Digital Big Ben
    Word clock, interface across digital components.

    Allows me to take spdif coax signal from Bacch and output aes/ebu to Dutch and Dutch digital input.
    • Dutch and Dutch 8c
    Active monitors.

    Cardioid design from 100hz up.

    Real music makers.

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Amazing setup. I've read about as much as there is to read on the Dutch 8Cs and might pick up a pair when we move early next year. Pairing it with a Bach SP is a really interesting choice. I heard the Bach SP at Capitol Audio Fest in Washington DC in fall of 2018 and it really blew me away.


Thank You for the details on the speakers and your choosing process.
Amazing frequency response from those loudspeakers! Great choice. Enjoy your music.


Also, rew is not room correction. The speakers themselves have a peq, which I applied a few cuts at 30, 70, and 100hz, but no more than 2-3db. 

That's the actual response of the speakers, at the listening position, approximately 2.5 meters, in a largely untreated room.


Milpai, I have not heard the Kii, but researched them extensively. They look to be amazing.

I went with the Dutch for a few reasons, with nothing at all against the Kii.

The Kii have more moving parts, and the Dutch is a more passive design, hence less areas to potentially go wrong. In line with this thought, the Kii introduce almost 90ms of delay, and the Dutch closer to 30ms. As my preamp also adds a significant amount of time alignment, I decided to go with the less elaborate configuration.

Two, the bass setup more reflects what I've had in my horn rig, leveraging the room, as part of the acoustic. As it stands, the Dutch and Dutch blows away my double stack Lyngdorf subs.. It's the best bass, deeper, tighter, most musical, I've ever had.

Lastly, I just like the way they look. Understated. In my mind, if I could get the performance of my horns, in the package of the Kefs.. Call it a day. They've shot well beyond that mark.

I hope that I answered your question.



Nice room and excellent cable management. Had not hear about this loudspeaker before. According to the site they say is it "accurate" and I would put them in the same "type" as the Kii. Did you compare your loudspeakers with the Kii?
The REW looks amazing. Is that because of the DSP?


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