My system build over the last couple of years. Going through break in on the Kanta's this week and will get better pics when I get the center channel mounted properly. 

Overall, I'm very happy with how things have turned out thus far. Have some more tweaks and adds to do but will probably take a break for a bit. 

Room Details

Dimensions: 26’ × 18’  Large
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Focal Kanta no. 3
    • Focal Kanta center
    • NAD M17V2
    • NAD M27
    • NAD M22 V2
    • Furman IT Reference 20 Discrete Symmetrial Power
    • Martin Logan Motion 4 Bookshelf Speaker
    • Salamander Designs Sdav 7225
    • SVS SB 16 Ultra
    • AudioQuest Castle Rock
    X3 for fronts and center channel.
    • AudioQuest Water Interconnects
    • OPPO 203
    • Sony 77" A9G Master Series
    • AudioQuest Cables
    Carbon, Vodka and Rocket 44 for all HDMI and surrounds
    • GIK Acoustics Base traps and sound panels
    • Savant Complete automation

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Thanks! I'm actually moving and looking to potentially sell my m17v2 and m27. If your interested PM me!


Nothing wrong here.
Guess urge to get a stereo preamp is absent.

I am looking at nad m17 v2 and think about a tube line stage for stereo. Hear m17 is very good with stereo.  

 Like tv being away from wall, room  and ceiling size is enviable.


My favorite picture here is of the delivery.  As for your 2 channel use of the SB16, I do agree that it could be overkill.  I have stereo SB3000's anchoring a pair of NHT 2.5I's.  I do have to back the SB's down a bit.  But what I did find sir is that my soundstage absolutely exploded with better information.   I was always okay with one sub ( I've had Veloydne F1500R and ULD 15), but when pairing them...…….  Well let's just say I had to eat my opinion about one being sufficient.


Thanks for the props. No to using the svs in 2 channel. Its dramatic overkill for 90% of what I listen to. The Kanta 3s have more than enough bass. 

Just upgraded the screen to match the sound and got it mounted. It's absolutely fantastic just have dirac and clean up of cords to do now that everything is through break in. 


Ditto to B_Limo and danknowlton!  The Focal's are gorgeous and everything looks super clean and tidy.  Do you use the SVS sub with two-channel listening?


NICE!  I really like the Focal lines and NAD electronics.


Im surprised that no one has commented on your set-up.  Thats a really nice choice of components all the way around.  I bet it sounds fantastic!  Well done


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