Any suggestions on improving sound quality are always welcome. I'm thinking I need to move to another/larger room. This room has a 10db null at 100Hz.


Room Details

Dimensions: 13’ × 11’  Small
Ceiling: N/A

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    • KEF R11
    • KEF R400b subwoofer
    • Belles Aria Integrated Amplifier
    • Mytek Libery DAC
    • Bluesound Node 2
    • Blue Jeans Cable Speaker Cable
    Belden 5T00UP Speaker cable, 6ft, locking bananas
    • AudioQuest Interconnects
    • Pangea Audio stand

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I don't see the Anthem STR integrated amp in the photos listed. Was it a replacement for the Belles Aria or the other way around? It may be a better match in a larger room or with different speakers. Are you keeping it for a future system?