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Dimensions: 13’ × 11’  Small
Ceiling: N/A

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    • Vandersteen Treo CT
    • Belles Monoblocks
    • Quicksilver Linestage
    • Belles Aria Integrated Amplifier
    • Technics SL1210GR turntable
    • Herron Audio VTPH-1mm
    • Bluesound Node 2
    • Mytek Libery DAC
    • AudioQuest Type 9 speaker cable
    • AudioQuest Yukon interconnects
    • Pangea Audio stand

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@audionoobie. Yes definitely an improvement with the DAC3. People either love the Benchmarks or hate them. Dollar for dollar, I think it's the best DAC available-so versatile with an awesome HP amp built in. I just figured you wanted to stay within the Mytek family.


@audionoobie - sorry. I meant to say the Mytek Manhattan II for a new DAC for you. I'd pass on the Brooklyn and go straight to Manhattan II.


Thanks. Yeah the Prestiges come off a tad bright. I'm saving up for a pair of Audio Physics....some day. As far as DAC goes-that Mytek Brooklyn looks awesome. I'd get one but my priority now are loudspeakers.


Looks like you've certainly done your homework. I think the room is fine. If you dont like the STR, I'd humbly suggest selling it and upgrading the DAC. How is the build quality on the GIK traps? I considered them recently. Mike.