I love this simple setup. I even sleep with music on.
90% of the time I enjoy listening to music from FM radio, especially two stations virtually playing commercial free music 24 hours in southern California - FM 88.1 KJAZZ and FM 91.5 KUSC (classical music). The signal strength is excellent with help of an active antenna and the sound quality out of this system is superb. I may never need a DAC for streaming music but I want to try it someday though.

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    • Axiom Audio M80 Floor Standing Speakers
    Got these super awesome speakers about 15 years ago. So tempted to sell them when I got rid of the Classe 101 SS amp and CD player. Glad that I didn't sell.
    • Antique Sound Labs AQ-1003 Tube Integrated Amp
    Recently purchased from a fellow member on Audiogon. Extraordinarily sounding amp. Thank you, Paul.
    • Marantz FM Tuner ST-50
    Got it off craigslist for $20. Sounds marvelous with an active antenna named "iBlast".
    • Onkyo C-7030 CD Player
    It's an ebay purchase. Paid $150 for a brand new one. Sounds good!!!

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I've heard about Dynalab.. but I'll keep the Marantz as long as it works. If I ever had that kind of high-end (... maybe pricewise?) FM tuner I would want a better amp and better speakers as well. Only the sky is the limit.
Anyways thanks for the compliment.


Very nice for sure. I'm with you on FM radio as a main source. There are quite a few good ones near me too playing classical, jazz, blues, and Christian and I find I listen to FM more than anything else. I really should invest in a Dynalab tuner since FM is my main source. I do wish I could set up my 'airwaves system' in our small bedroom like you have, but the Bose radio rules there. LOL But I do enjoy FM on our 2 other systems.


Thank you for the compliment. Being able to enjoy music all the time... it's a blessing!


Love your system.
I use my system when I sleep too. 
Good music through a good system can be enjoyed all the time


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