As we all experience, it does cost time and therefore money to grow up in stereo land.

I m interested in music since I was very young and that passion has never gone since.

If I ever had to make choices, and I had to, I went for the music first then for the equipment. I’d rather listen to a good performance through a Ghetto Blaster that muck stuff on a High-End rig.

Over the past 20 years I lost interest in the reproduction tools more than once due to High-End nerd’s, nerdo talk, High-End attitude and Everest (the mountain you know) pricing related to returns, but I never lost interest in the music.


As I matured in the science of Hi-End the importance of the acoustics of the listening room became obvious to me. Unfortunately, as you can see in almost all of the rooms shown on Audiogon, nobody seems to care about their listening environment. I hardly see any aesthetically and acoustically pleasing solutions. Too many big and ugly absorbers. Even the Rives designed spaces, as good as they might be from the acoustics point of view, are in my opinion non to aesthetically pleasing .downright ugly and unattractive and you start to wonder why the family are no part of the music experience! WAF? Did you notice that many have only one chair! ONE CHAIR for god sake!! They must all be singles these audio-nuts and without friends or do they sit on the floor? ONE CHAIR. And we all wonder why thing are so-so in High-End audio land business.

Fortunately there is an alternative to all this. As an architect I designed numerous private homes for clients that are serious music lovers. Before investing a lot in equipment, you should get the most out of your listening room first. Unfortunately, when it comes to home audio, most people don't. After researching and purchasing very good and often state of the art equipment the room is ignored. This is very unfortunate, because the room is often the most important factor in achieving good quality sound and a happy family life, the WAF factor remember! For the final adjustment of the acoustics I use the room tuning system of Acoustic System from France, developed by Frank Tchang.

According to Mr. Tchang,

“The resonators made by Acoustic System are one of the most high fidelity products on the market. They consist of minute metal sound bodies that rest on wooden bases and, positioned correctly at particular points in the room, they improve the sound quality of every system, lifting a system’s sound distinctly. Acoustic System manufactures in five different resonators, in five different materials. Every music system can be improved by using one or more of them in six easy steps.

The resonators are activated by sound waves in the room and produce overtones – subtle overtones, which also define the sound colour. This coloring is often lost during the recording process, and when replaced always improves, and never worsens, the sound experience. Every listening room affects the music with its own specific audio characteristics, and from this point of view it can be said that the resonators by Acoustic System simply modify the acoustic properties of the listening room. In a very sophisticated way, of course.

Also of importance is the well-seasoned wood employed in the manufacture of the pedestals. As in the case of musical instruments it is the skilled combination of materials which leads to perfection, and depending on the type of resonator metal, a harder or softer variety of maple is used for the base.

The resonator elements are fixed to walls or furniture using a permanently elastic material, which allows residue-free removal from practically all surfaces. Bases can also be finished to customer specifications.

All details of the Acoustic System products were enhanced through experimental means. In the case of resonators, scientific explanations are very complex, as they have to define the relationship between low-level overtones, diffusion effects, and psycho-acoustic perception; luckily, the quality of these products is easy to appreciate without knowledge of the background theory”.

Hard to believe, easy to hear.

For Dutch and European readers: As an additional service to our clients, we specialize in small room acoustics, listening rooms, media rooms, home theatre room design, including home theatre sound proofing, and have a vast amount of experience in acoustical engineering and design. We've designed rooms for private and professional end-users and can improve the sound of virtually any listening room. In fact, our designs will make a more dramatic change in your system than any upgrade at a similar and often much higher price. We design rooms for home theatres as well as 2-channel audio on both a domestic and international basis. As of 2006 we provide this service in cooperation with O.L.S. Audiotechnology, the parent company of the upper end Kharma loudspeaker line. A first result of this co-operation is a class A Kharma 150/Matrix music system and a proper acoustics design for an advanced Grammar school in Roosendaal, The Netherlands.

If you are truly interested in a superb musical environment, Loxodrome and O.L.S. Audiotechnologie can provide you with the ultimate.


A second conclusion is the importance of items, by many disregarded or considered to be wizardry: electrical power and connecting tools.

While we were re-designing my 1927 family home in 2004, I decided to re-do the entire power distribution system of the house. Separate dedicated power lines were installed for the front-end and amplifier of my system with astounding results. The same for power cables.

And the music? Come and have a listen. Enjoy!!!!

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    • Software CD's
    Music: what it = all about
    • Acoustic System Resonators Copper Silver Gold Planinum
    Different approach to room acoustics that result in an aesthetically enjoyable space with excelent acoustics. No big ugly absorbers etc.
    • Acoustic System Resonators Copper Silver Gold Planinum
    Acoustic System manufactures five different resonators, in five different materials. Every music system can be improved by using one or more of them in six easy steps.

    The resonators are activated by sound waves in the room and produce overtones – subtle overtones, which also define the sound colour. This colouring is often lost during the recording process, and when replaced always improves, and never worsens, the sound experience. Every listening room affects the music with its own specific audio characterics, and from this point of view it can be said that the resonators by Acoustic System simply modify the acoustic properties of the listening room. In a very sophisticated way, of course.

    Also of importance is the well seasoned wood employed in the manufacture of the pedestals. As in the case of musical instruments it is the skilled combination of materials which leads to perfection, and depending on the type of resonator metal, a harder or softer variety of maple is used for the base.

    The resonator elements are fixed to walls or furniture using a permanently elastic material, which allows residue-free removal from practically all surfaces. Bases can also be finished to customer specifications.
    • Beard Audio BB-101
    Line Level Integrated Amplifier. Last EL84 design by Bill Beard before his retirement in 2002. Left/right independent power supply in a separate chassis. This amp is extremely rare and for the Beard connoisseur an absolute collectors jewel. Arguably the best ever EL84 design of Beard Audio. The BB 101 is powered by two David Elrod EPS 3 sig. power cables, has HiFi Tuning gold plated equipment fuses, 2 matched Telefunken ECC81 NOS, 6 matched General Electric 5814A NOS, and 3 matched quats EI "philips" EL84 valves. All valves have Duende Creatura Valve Dampers. Contacts are Walker Audio SST Extreme treated. I currently use 3 Shun Mook M'pingo's on the amps chassis. Speaker cables are the Purist Audio Design Venustas. The Beard is positioned on 3 Goldmund Cones. The Apollo equipment rack is modified with different shelves made from 50mm Oak for the Onix, 50mm black acrylic top for the Bow Technologies ZZ-8 and 2 shelves of 30mm clear acrylic top for the Beard 101. For further fine tuning the Beard will be up-dated by deJong Systems from The Netherlands to take it to the next level.
    • Bow Technologies zz-8
    supurb sound, supurb looks. Now even better with a Purist Audio Dominus Power Cord, designed for poweramps but works wonders with the power sensitive ZZ-8
    • Bow Technologies zz-8
    CD laser and Harmonix tuning bases
    • Onix BWD-1 & SOAP 2 Power Supply
    • Kharma CRM 3.2FE
    If there is a speaker that has earned his reputation as a reference speaker it is bound to be the Ceramique 3. The upgraded Reference Monitor version has won many a price and award. Some of the extra features the Reference Monitor 3.2 has are: Pure silver coils in the crossover, double pure silver/gold internal wiring, special internal cabinet treatment with advanced polymer, the recently developed Kharma Connectors, special Kharma/Focal tweeter as in the Kharma Exquisite, the possibility for a diamond-tweeter and a SDSS-stand on a heavy bottom plate.
    • Telefunken ECC81/12AT7 NOS
    No discussion possible, this is the best.
    • General Electric 5814A NOS Tube
    The best ECC82 veplacement tube I have come across. The ECC82 equivalent of the Telefunken ECC81
    • EI EL84
    Matched quads, best EL84 I ever came acros and I'v tried them all including the Mullards and Telefunkens. Top Low-End, supurbe mid's and sparkling Hi-End. Supurbe 3D and soundstaging. I use them with Kharma CRM 3.2FE speakers so you can bet I'll be able to tell the difference.
    • Mullard 6BQ5
    a classic but not the best. In my sytem it is the EI EL84 NOS "Philips" tube
    • Sovtek EL84M
    The Sovtek EL84M's are matched quads, cryo treated -315F by Cryogenics International from Scotsdale AZ
    • Sylvania JAN 12AX7
    pre-amp valve
    • Purist Audio Design Venustas
    • Purist Audio Design Venustas
    On the zz-8
    • Shunyata Altair
    On the Onix
    • Purist Audio Dominus ferox power cord
    New experiment on the Boz Technologies ZZ-8 works wonders. The zz-8 is apparently over sensitive for power supply chain and the PAD Dominus PC, designed for poweramps works real wonders with the ZZ-8. No more stress at fortissimos, real 3d and a fantastic bass fundament.
    • Oyaide Direct gold (GX and 079)
    IEC plug on PAD Dominus. Direct gold (GX and 079): extraordinarily deep and wide soundstage....speakers disappear.
    • David Elrod Statement II
    EPS on the Van Medevoort powerline conditioner
    • David Elrod EPS 2 signature
    On the Onix BWD-1 Soap 2 power supply
    • David Elrod EPS3 signature
    2 x EPS on the Beard BB 101 amp's power supply, left and right channel.
    • Shunyata Python Vx
    FOR SALE for 900 EURO
    • Kimber Main Ring powercable
    Two from the Fusebox to the two poweramp dedicated wall sockets and one to the powerline conditioner dedicated wall socket
    • Goldmund Cones
    On the Beard BB 101
    • ART Q-dampers
    On the zz-8, positioned on ART Q-dampers
    • Shun Mook M'pingos
    On the Kharma CRM 3.2FE who does not realy need them.
    • Shun Mook Ultimate Diamond Resonator
    Under the Onix BWD1 tuner & soap2 power supply
    • Duende Creatura Valve Dampers
    Mandatory, the best
    • Walker Audio SST Extreme
    Mandatory if you want to have god in the details
    • Walker Audio Reference High Definition Links
    On the binding posts ot the Kharma CRM3.2FE's
    • Purist Audio Design System Enhancer
    Not tried? Not knowing what your system can do
    • Audio Desk CD Improver
    Not tried? Do not know how cd can sound.
    • Furutech RD-2
    • Audiophile Hi-Fi Producte (AHP) Cirquitbraker 25A
    In Europe a must have.
    • Hi-Fi Tuning equipment fuses
    AHP or Hi-Fi Tuning? depends on equipment but I gues the Hi-Fi Tuning is a bit more ballanced
    • Audiophile Hi-Fi Producte (AHP) Feinsicherung II
    What's the fuss about lately, I've got them for more then two years.

    Now available in a MkII version with copper endcaps that are goldplated. The improvement is significant. Order from:
    • Harmonix RF-900
    On the Kharma SDDS Enigma stand
    • Harmonix RF 57 Mk II
    on the CRM 3.2 FE
    • Jena Labs Esotric 3D-X
    Transformational Enhancement and Protective Treatment for Polycarbonate Optical Discs

    For many years, the original JENA Labs Esoteric Mist was universally regarded as one of the most effective and popular treatments for audio CD’s, and with very good reason. It worked great!

    JENA Labs is excited to announce the release of a new generation Esoteric treatment. This phenomenal new compound is significantly superior to anything currently on the market.

    Esoteric–3D-X is a quantum improvement in enhancing and protecting your precious CD’s, SACD’s, CD-R’s, CD-R-W’s and Digital Versatile Disc's (DVD's). More on that below.

    State of the Art Chemistry – Enhances and Protects Your Precious Discs!

    Based on current aerospace chemistry, the new Esoteric-3D-X is specifically formulated for polycarbonate and is designed to dramatically enhance surface transmittance and refractive characteristics as well as protecting delicate surfaces from common contaminants (oils from your hands, accidental contact with water).
    When you treat an optical disc with Esoteric 3D-X you have created an optical coating that does something like what the lens coating of a fine camera does.
    Laser light is matched better to the difference between the refractive index of air and the refractive index of the plastic. Look at it after treatment... The rainbow effects are visually very pronounced. That is not scatter, that is transmission. The laser optics of the player or recorder
    • Liquid Resolution CD Cleaner and En -
    Read the review, it works
    • Antenna Performance APS-13
    FM antenna, apparently one of the best sounding
    • Pegoretti Marcelo
    Dario Pegoretti first acquired his framebuilding knowledge and expertise from legendary Gino Milani. Milani was never famous to the cycling world at large, but he was one of the most brilliant framebuilders of the 1970's. His work was a major influence on every high-end framebuilder of the time. Since 1987 Pegoretti has honored the Milani legacy by going beyond the limitations of standard tubing to build unique, world-class frames. Pegoretti is synonymous with innovation. He was the first in Italy to use TIG-welding techniques. For over a decade he worked side-by-side with Dedacciai to design and develop new tubesets. The DynaLite and Radius tubing so popular with Italian framebuilders throughout the late 90's were direct products of Pegoretti. From 1991 to 1997, Pegoretti built frames exclusively for pro road teams. Everyone wants to know who, when, where, and how, but unfortunately a lot more folks don't want you to know. But we'll put it like this -- think of any major rider of the 1990's and you can more or less guess that they rode Pegoretti frames decaled otherwise. Name a major bike race, and it's been won on a Pegoretti. Since 1997 Pegoretti has designed and created frames carrying his own name. In 1999 he moved to Levico Terme, a beautiful resort in the Dolomites. It has several times been home to mountaintop finishes in the Giro d'Italia. Since he moved to Levico he redesigned his frames, working on the assumption that an all-round tube profile offers the best compromise between lateral strength and torsional stiffness. It is a deliberate choice made to exploit the benefits of oversized frame tubing. It's not an overstatement to claim that no other Italian framebuilder has been so instrumental in bringing about the wide use of aluminum in road frames, and that none other had more input into the design and fabrication of the tubing itself. Given that Pegoretti has had a long association with the Italian tubing manufacturer Dedacciai -- in fact, throughout the 90's Dedacciai entrusted Pegoretti with the job of building prototype frames from their new tubesets to provide them with detailed feedback about their buildability -- it took many by surprise going into 2005 that Dario began building his steel frames exclusively out of Columbus Niobium Spirit tubing. Why Columbus for steel? Because as Dedacciai pushes the alchemistic envelope with the most modern alloys out there -- Scandium, Magnesium, and Aluminum -- Columbus (like Pegoretti, and like many of our customers) still believes in the viability of steel as a race-quality frame material. They're just as committed to refining the quality of steel as Dedacciai is to non-ferrous alloys. In fact, all of the Niobium tubing Pegoretti uses is one-off. He insists that Columbus take the extra step to heat treat the tubes for him. While the stock version of the tubes has very good elongation qualities and thereby provides a nice bit of shock damping, heat treating them gives them a considerable increase in responsiveness under a load. Think of it this way: While a spring is springy by nature, a heat treated spring rebounds from compression far more quickly. In other words, a heat treated Niobium Spirit frameset will provide superior elasticity, making a Pegoretti feel like it's gliding on a lousy road surface to an extent unmatched by other tubesets. Beginning in 2007 Pegoretti strayed from Niobium just a bit: He released his Responsorium model made from Columbus' new stainless steel XCr tubeset. It reflected Pegoretti's unceasing commitment to building the most advanced steel framesets in the marketplace. One aside about Pegoretti sizing: Pegoretti frames 58cm and larger have dropped top tubes. 57cm and smaller frames are measured as center to center, but on the larger frames Dario drops the top tubes and extends both the seat and head tubes to compensate. The amount of drop varies with frame size, as do the extensions on the seat and head tubes, but ultimately this allows him to build larger frames both lighter and stiffer without compromising positioning on the bike.
    • Pegoretti Marcelo
    Hand build in Levico Terme, a beautiful resort in the Dolomites.

    The Marcelo continues Pegoretti's relentless quest to build the ultimate steel frame. Made from TIG welded Columbus Niobium Spirit steel, the Marcelo weighs just a few ounces more than 3 lbs. We consider it to be Pegoretti's ultimate steel race bike. It forgoes the stiffening plates and gigantic chainstays of the Big Leg Emma, but it has a beefier rear triangle and dropouts than the Duende and the Palosanto. The tubing selection of the Marcelo is intended to give it stiffness without harshness, lightness without a hint of flimsiness. In our minds -- and in the minds of Marcelo owners worldwide -- it's something spectacular. An editor of ProCycling magazine reviewed Pegoretti's skill with steel and found that....

    • It's just a car - 360 Modena Challenge Stradale
    Don't get excited it's just an unpractical fast Italian car.

    Life is good: I'm bombing through the Italian countryside south of Modena in a Ferrari Challenge Stradale, the track-tuned version of the 360 Modena, which wasn't exactly a slug to begin with. The scenery is straight out of a travel brochure, the sound is straight off a racing MP3, and my
    • The Family One size fits all
    Best Tweek of them All.
    • One Size Fits All MKII
    Remember the boss and his dog?
    • One Size Fits All MKIII
    • The Perfect Vision Sony on USM
    TV:Sony, DVD-Rec:Sony. On Swiss made USM furniture
    • Grammarschool Roosendaal Kharma PA system
    Loxodrome and Kharma's first cooperation: A High-End Sound System in the auditorium of a multipurpose education building in Roosendaal, The Netherlands. The system uses Kharma Matrix-4 active loudspeakers and subwoofers. Imagine: MP-150 amps, Kharma designed Accuton ceramic units and Kharma/Focal HF units to create music and speach in an auditorium of a grammarschool !!!!!!!!! Some would go for less. This schoolbuilding type, developed by Loxodrome architects & planners, has been adopted by the Dutch Ministry of Education as a conceptual pilot project for future grammarschool concept layout.
    • Kharma M4
    Matrix M4 The Matrix is the new paradigm in sound architecture. This speaker anticipates on the request for a high-end Home Cinema speaker system in a complete new way. The main point for this design was to use the possibility to aim sound. Several studies have been done on how to create a system that could fill up any room with high-end sound. This resulted in a hanging speaker almost completely made out of aluminum. Its direction can be adjusted by rotation over a vertical and over a horizontal axis. The height (or more accurate: depth) of the speaker can be adjusted by changing the length of the rod the speaker hangs on.
    • Kharma Matrix
    Detail, grammarschool in Roosendaal the Netherlands

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More or Less


I have three systems in my Architecture Digest published house - one in each of my two bedrooms and one in my living room that is my main system. The equipment and speaker positioning in the living room were selected for aesthetics, to create as large a listening area as possible so that anyone - standing or sitting - would enjoy the music, and to project music into the rest of the public spaces. Perhaps I compromised on the sound a little in order not to compromise on the modern (minimalistic) architecure and design. But, in my opinion, it is an acceptable trade-off. Again, in my opinion, music is meant to be enjoyed throughout the day and during a typical day's activities, not just in a one chair cave.


Dear Rich,

Relaxing, thanx. Life is to short to have 25+ sit on your one-seat chair analog/digital barn boy competition with your family locked up in the family house. REDRUM REDRUM
Take care and don't get stuff get in the way of your dreams.




Very nice. Your pics are very cool and somehow relaxing too. Thanks for sharing.


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System edited: Got the new equipment fuses in MkII form from: The fuses are now with copper end caps that are goldplated. The improvement is significant. If you have not yet changed you equipmentfuses with the ones available from, I advise you to do so. One of the beste improvements for peanuts cash.


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Love the look of your system, of course I am a fan of all things Kharma.

Are the kids yours? Cute as can be and look healthy and happy too.

My wife and I have been to Europe at least a dozen times. We usually rent an automobile at the Amsterdam Airport Schipho (tax is typically lower there than renting in CH or Germany) and we drive across Europe.

Thank you for sharing!

Ag insider logo xs@2xalbertporter

I totally agree with your words. To get the best out of your system.. The acoustic is the fact to start with. A lots of audiophiles dont really belive it makes that much improvement. I have heard from friends and audio shows with acoustic setup, and it turns out with really good results. The soundstage is unbeliveable. I am a big music lover but, i just dont have enough experience swith room acoustic. I will now start my next project which is my room treatment. If you don't mine, maybe you can give me some ideas? You can see my system by my user name. The conrad johnson lab is mine. The infinity system is my fathers. He live in hong kong asia. We see each other only once evey other year. Sad isn't it.


Great gear, fine words about your audiophile career up until now. it never stops does it ?
room acoustics is a debate for many, but the only way if you want to do it right. without proper roomacoustics highend audio is like driving a Ferrari car in a 3rd world African country.
the Kharma 3,2Fe is a very inspiring speaker and one of my close audiofriends bought a new pair very recently.
they are in my mind and keep me busy thinking ;-) and after our newly built home this spring i will invite these 3,2Fe again for an inhome audition.
These little Kharma's sound so extraordinary right out of the box that we can't even imagine what they will sound like when fully broken in.
PM about your Kharma experiences is very welcome thank you.

Tuboo netherlands


Good choice with the Kharma...I really appreciate your attention to the look of the listening environment.

Often times (myself included), we overlook the overall presentation. So much of our sensory enjoyment is visual as well as audio.

Best, mt


System edited: Sonus Faber Minima Amator's have gone and are replaced by Kharma CRM 3.2FE.


Hi, I like very much your system and attitude.
does this beautiful AHP fuses and cirqiutbraker make a positive different in the sound? would like to know where to get this beauty.
Thank you a lot!
[email protected]


็Hi, nice system you have. Would like to know where did you get those AHP fuses and breakers?


Notice that you are using SM mpingos on top of your speakers. I have been using SM products for a long time which includes the Spatial Control Kits. As you might know there are plenty of skeptics about SM products. I feel though as you start to upgrade to better quality equipment the SM has a more profound impact to the overall musical experience.

In my setup, the 3 Mpingos on top of the speakers has been very effective in controlling the soundstage width for eg: I find too much toe out of the Mpingos gives a wide soundstage but leaves a "hole" to the vocals in the center.

I have 2 Mpingos in the front wall & found that small adjustments to the height of these centered units can increase the height of the soundstage, again particularly impactful when listening to vocal materials.

The Spatial Kits are a bit of a hit and miss for me & probably because I don't pay too much attention to them as the individual Mpingos themeselves have been so effective.

Do you have any experience you can share with the usage of SM products? BTW, nice setup.......


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that's one sweet bike. there must be some great riding in the Netherlands.


Thanx for your responce.

Robert JC Kleuskens, The Netherlands


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