Upgraded to my man Cave.. New to my system is a Sonore Ultrarendu powered by a LPS 1 power supply filtered thru a USB Regen going to my New Mcintosh C2700 Dac.. and a MicroRendu powered by a LPS 1 power supply filtered thru USB Regen going  to my Project S2 MQA DAC.. Now with Roon now been display on a new Sony XBR950G 4kTV..
Entire system is outfitted with Audioquest earth XLR interconnects and Oak Speaker cables...
This is my Man Cave/Zen/Comfort zone 2ch setup.. 
This is where i go when i wan to get a way.. 
Thee most peaceful place in my house.. Here i have all i need music music music...
Tv is use to display Albun and artist info when playing music thru Roon..

Room Details

Dimensions: 13’ × 11’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

Components Toggle details

    • Hanss Acoustics T-20 Turntable
    Kuzma  Stogi Ref Tonearm
    Triangle Art TA Zeus MC Cartridge
    • McIntosh C-2700
    Tube Preamp
    • McIntosh MC 601 x 2 Mono Blocks
    Power Amplifiers
    • McIntosh MPC 1500
    Power conditioner
    • McIntosh MCD-1100
    SACD player
    • Mcintosh Men 220
    Room Correction
    • Triangle Speakers Astriale EZ
    3 Way Tower speaker
    • Apple Mac Mini
    Mac Mini with Roon Core runing Tidal/Qobuz Music Server
    • Solid Tech Hybrid rack system
    Audio Rack
    • AudioQuest Interconnects
    Audio-quest Earth XLRs thru out the system, NGR 10 Power cables and Audio-quest OAK 2.5m Speaker cables Diamond and coffee Usb..
    • Definitive Technology Super cube III
    10 inch stereo subs
    • Sonore UltraRendu 2.7
    Streaming network bridge
    • Pro-ject S2 Pre Box Digital MQA DAC/Preamp
    Pro-ject S2 Digital MQA DAC/Preamp
    • Uptone USB Regen x2
    USB Signal filter
    • Sonore MicroRendu 2.7
    Streaming Network bridge
    Streaming Box

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Your room looks terrific. It calmed me down just looking at the photo.  Doug